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    5 Most Popular Martini Drinks You Must Try

    Wine may be arguably the top choice for Aussies in terms of alcohol, but there are other drinks that everyone in the Land Down Under loves. 

    In numbers, 26.3% of Aussies of legal drinking age (18 years old & above) prefer spirits as their drink of choice. 42.8% consume wine, and 38.2% are beer drinkers. 

    In fact, because of the high demand for alcohol in Australia annually, it opened the opportunity for businesses like Bevmart to open up an online liquor shop for everyone’s convenience. 

    However, in this post, let’s talk more about the martini cocktail drink. This widely-known cocktail is so special that every June 19th, the world celebrated “Martini Day”. 

    Aussies, like the rest of the world, also celebrate Martini Day. Pubs and bars are filled with fellas and ladies alike to get a glass of martini. 

    Martini is a simple but very flavourful and refreshing cocktail drink. Its core ingredients are your choice of spirit, either gin, vodka, or vermouth. It’s garnished with olives, stirred, and chilled before serving with its signature martini glass. 

    Let’s break down the different kinds of martini for those interested and unfamiliar with this iconic cocktail drink. 

    1. Fifty-Fifty Martini

    This version of the martini contains equal parts of the spirit, either dry gin or dry vermouth, from its name. The other part is the citrus, either a lemon twist or bitter orange. This martini is well-known for its refreshing citrusy smell. It’s served cold and garnished with a slice of orange on top. It has a clean, strong, and citrusy flavour that lingers in your mouth in every sip. 

    2. Standard Martini

    This kind of martini is what you usually see at pubs. It’s the most common and the most preferred kind of martini. In fact, there are already pre-made martini cocktail drinks you can buy online or at wine shops like Bevmart. It contains nothing but your choice of spirit, olive brine, your choice of citrus, and a couple of whole olives. After finishing a glass of a standard martini, you must cleanse your palate by snacking on the martini-soaked olives. 

    3. Vesper Martini

    The Vesper Martini is the old and traditional way of mixing vodka or gin with Cocchi Americano. For those who aren’t familiar with Cocchi Americano, it is an aperitif wine made in Italy by Giulio Cocchi Spumanti. It has a quinine flavour that acts as a sweetener for the martini to balance the gin or vodka’s strong flavour. It’s best served chilled, unstirred, and topped with a swath of citrus. 

    4. Dirty Martini

    Dirty Martini’s name is completely in contrast to its flavour and appearance. While it doesn’t sound appealing, this type of martini is very popular for its different layers of flavour. It adds more variation on the standard martini and doesn’t have any literal traces of dirt at all. It’s called dirty martini because of its palate, as it is splashed with olive juice that creates a hazy appearance on the drink. The olive juice also adds more flavour and character to the drink altering its smooth and clean flavour. 

    5. Espresso Martini

    This kind of martini was introduced not long ago and became a very popular drink among Aussies. The standard martini is mixed with an espresso and sweetened with sugar. Unlike other martinis, it doesn’t contain olives and citrus. Instead, you will only experience and taste the flavour of the spirit and coffee. 


    There you have it! We’re pretty sure that you’re already drooling and thirsty to order a glass of martini or perhaps make this cocktail in your home. Martini is best enjoyed with friends and loved ones, but always remember to drink moderately!

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