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    A Woman’s Step-By-Step Guide to Makeup Application

    Achieving your best everyday look does not have to be difficult and time-consuming. With the right tips and techniques and plenty of practice, you can find the best looks that you’ll love seeing in front of the mirror each time.

    Start with buying the right makeup tools and supplies from your preferred online beauty store in the UAE. Everything can now be purchased online, from your makeup brush and eyebrow kit to your primer and lipstick. Once you have them, it is time to put them into use.

    Whether you are a beginner or a pro, here is a helpful step-by-step guide to applying your makeup.

    Step 1: Start fresh

    Long-lasting, beautiful makeup must be applied right after you have washed, exfoliated, and moisturized your face. The combination of warm water, facial massage, and oil, cream, or serum will get things going by shaking up the lines, removing flakes, and hydrating your skin.

    Step 2: Fill out your eyebrows

    Your brows are the key to your facial expressions, so make an effort to groom them even if you are wearing glasses or bangs.

    Using a pencil, use light feathery strokes when filling out your eyebrows for a more natural look. Follow the direction of the hair growth. When necessary, fill in bare areas with a powder that can cling to the pencil base.

    Step 3: Apply eyeliner and eyeshadow

    Putting on eyeliner can be a challenge for most people. But drawing small dashes or dots with eyeliner on your lash line and joining them is the easiest trick you can use.

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    Another technique is the scotch tape method. This entails sticking a piece of scotch tape to the sides of your eyes at an angle and using the ends as your guide to achieving a killer winged eye using eyeliner. Other alternatives to scotch tape are debit cards, business cards, a spoon, or anything that has a straight edge.

    Set your liner in place with an eyeshadow, which can also be used as a highlighter and blush, and even to slightly change your base makeup color. If you want to have an extra pop of color but you’re stuck with an eyeshadow that has less pigment, fill in your eyelids with a white eyeliner first to create a white base.

    Step 4: Apply mascara

    Mascara is used to enhance your eyelashes. To prevent it from clumping, you need to wipe off the excess product using tissue paper before applying it.

    If you want thicker lashes, dust some baby powder immediately after applying the mascara. Then, put another coat for a dramatic volume.

    Step 5: Apply lipstick and lip liner

    When applying your lipstick, start from the middle then move outwards. Avoid going overboard because it will appear very obvious. But if you intend to make your lips appear bigger, apply your lip liner along the outer lining of your lips. But do this with extreme caution.

    To make your lipstick last longer, you can put on a little translucent powder after applying your lipstick and liner. A colorless eyeshadow can also do the trick. But using a shimmery eyeshadow is a better option because this will give your lips an extra dimension and also serve as a highlighter.

    Step 6: Apply a primer and foundation

    Whether it’s water or oil, your primer and foundation must share an identical base so they can blend. If not, they will slide off your face or repel one another.

    When applying your foundation, it is better to use a foundation brush to achieve full coverage. But for sheer coverage, it’s better to use your fingers.

    Use downward strokes when applying foundation since most people have a thin layer of facial hair. An upward stroke makes the hair strands stand out. And though you want to achieve a pinkish look, avoid highlighting your peach fuzz.

    Step 7: Apply concealer

    Concealers can help reduce the appearance of eye bags or puffiness. Most people apply it in a semi-circular pattern. But experts recommend applying it in a conical pattern under your eyes and extending it to the end of your nose as this gives a better finish. It also helps with proper contouring.

    For days when you are feeling lazy to apply your concealer or are running late, knowing the important focal points in your face is vital. Using a brush, put a little concealer under your eyes, near your nose, and on the corners of your mouth – and you are good to go.

    If you want to explore the magic of concealers more, why not look into color correcting palettes? These are concealers with different colors that can hide facial flaws. For instance, use a peach concealer to cover some bruising, green for eliminating redness, and lavender for yellow discoloration. But if you don’t have one or perhaps you are tight on budget, you can make a DIY color correcting palette by combining your eyeshadow with your normal concealer.

    Step 8: Apply face powder

    The first important thing to know about applying face powder is to be aware of the function of the two main types – pressed powder and loose powder. Both are available in matte and dewy finishes.

    Pressed powder is best for touch-ups. A matte finish gives a porcelain look, while a dewy one provides a glowing appearance.

    Loose powder, on the other hand, is used primarily for setting the makeup in place so it will last long. Though it is available in translucent and tinted forms, the colorless option is best used for setting your makeup because this will not affect the shade of your foundation and concealer.

    For best results, you must use the fluffiest brush you have when putting on your face powder.

    Step 9: Finish off with a blush

    Blush is applied to achieve the perfect flush of your preferred color on your cheeks. But instead of tarnishing your blush with a powder, consider using tissue paper. Press this over the blush after applying it and wrap up with a beauty blender or makeup sponge.

    Note: If you have any symptoms of troubled skin like pimples and large pores, or you experience any of the different allergy types, avoid shimmery blushes.

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    Following this order of makeup application will ensure that you get the best finish. You might think of doing the base makeup first, but most beauty experts recommend starting with your eye makeup first and doing your face makeup last. This way, you can cover up any mistake for a flawlessly beautiful outcome.


    Nick Vinckier is Head of Growth at Chalhoub Group, the largest luxury retailer in the Middle East. In his current role, he focuses on taking from 0 to 1, transforming the beauty retailer into the fastest growing online beauty platform of the GCC.

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