After Georgia, Biden Beats Trump in Pennsylvania and Gets Closer to The Election

The victory in one of these states would be enough for the Democrat to win the presidency of the United States since he already has 264 of the 270 delegates needed for the electoral victory

At 11 am Brasília on Friday (6), Joe Biden surpassed Donald Trump in the number of votes in Pennsylvania, which represents 20 points in the Electoral College. With 98% of the ballots counted, the state accounts for 49.5% of votes in favor of the Democrat, against 49.4% for the Republican.

The difference between them is therefore 5,594 votes. Overnight, Biden overtook the president in Georgia, which has 16 delegates, by just 1,097 votes. The investigation is also ongoing in Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, and Nevada.

According to the news agency The Associated Press, which already projects the Democrat’s victory in Arizona, Biden has 264 of the 270 delegates needed to win the election in the United States. Those exact six remaining points can be acquired through Nevada, where the Democrat has been leading since yesterday. At the moment, 49.4% of the ballots counted in the state are in favor of him, who has 11 438 votes more than Trump. If they materialize, the Democratic conquests in Pennsylvania and Georgia would only raise the “score” to 306, thus giving an undeniable advantage over the president.

Biden’s turn in these states is partly due to the recent counting of votes by mail, which tend to favor the Democratic party. It is not yet known whether the same could happen in North Carolina, where Trump leads with a difference of 76,701 votes, equivalent to 1.4 percentage points. The Republican is also winning with a good margin in Alaska, where he was chosen by 62.1% of voters. However, the victory in these two states would represent a total of 18 points in the Electoral College, an insufficient amount to consolidate his reelection since the president currently has 214 delegates.

Trump reaction

In the face of Joe Biden’s advances, Donald Trump used his speech on Thursday (5) to make unprecedented accusations of electoral fraud across the United States. “If we count the legal votes, we win easily. If we count the illegal ones, they will try to rob us, ”he said. The Republican considers the votes that were sent by post, which are favoring Democrats in the last hours, to be “illegal”.

Without providing evidence, the president hinted that his opponents are controlling this system, used in the American elections since the 1990s. He also accused Philadelphia, the capital of Pennsylvania, of being “one of the most corrupt places in the country”.

At the same time, the Trump campaign has opened lawsuits against some states calling for a halt to counting, monitoring ballot counting, and disregarding the votes sent by post that arrived after November 3, the official election day. The main leaders of the Republican party have not shown support for the president’s accusations.

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