After Hours of Silence, Trump Returns to Talk About Fraud and Does Not Recognize Biden as Elected

After 16 hours of silence, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, used social media on Sunday morning, 8, to raise theses about alleged electoral fraud in the counting of the vote that elected Democrat Joe Biden on Saturday, 7. “We must look at the votes.

We are just beginning the tabulation phase. We must look at the claims. We are seeing a number of testimonies that there was electoral fraud. We have a history of electoral problems in this country, ”said the text attributed by Trump to lawyer Jonathan Turley.

In the publication, Trump recalls statements previously made about problems in polling places where he was not declared the winner. He spoke of Pennsylvania, where a partial victory for his defense managed to have the votes handed out after the end of election day counted separately and also cited the states of Philadelphia and Detroit.

The text published by the president cites systemic problems and shows a distrust in relation to the authentication of votes in the states. “If there is an authentication problem, it could seriously affect the entire election,” pointed out the Trump publication, which did not recognize Joe Biden’s victory even though 24 hours after the official projection declared him the next president of the United States.

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