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    The Net Worth of pop Star Andrea Berg

    How rich is Andrea Berg?

    Schlager and Andrea Berg belong together. So the singer can look forward to a large fan base. Andrea Berg’s estimated net worth is $ 30 million. Andrea Berg leads the German Schlager together with her competitor Helene Fischer. Both can inspire the Schlager fans well next to each other. The pop singer has already sold over 14 million records, and over 4.3 million people have attended her concerts.

    The German can not only look forward to positive reports. The hit lady has made negative headlines in recent months and years, especially with her burning dress and a pyro show that went in her pants and injured a fan. The fan received just € 1,127.50 in reparation. That, in turn, did not taste good to many of the singer’s followers.

    Burning dress on the concert tour

    This incident occurred in the summer of 2014 at an open-air concert. A piece of hot ash hit a 64-year-old named Brian Hicks at the time- unfortunately in his eye. At first, it looked as if the fan could have “looked forward to” a compensation of 2,000 euros. But then everything turned out differently. The case went to the second instance after Andrea Berg Tournee und Promotion GmbH appealed against the judges’ first decision. The whole thing then ended in such a way that the fan was promised the said 1,127.50 euros, although he had to pay his lawyer and half of the court costs. The man from Great Britain, based in Düsseldorf, is unlikely to have seen anything of the compensation for pain and suffering. He did not have legal protection insurance.

    Even the free ticket offered to the fan as an additional compensation probably leaves nothing more than a pale aftertaste. Andrea Berg, in particular, should have sympathized with the fan. After all, she has even injured herself in a later fire accident on stage. The singer probably wants to cover her scars from the accident with a fire kite as a tattoo. Since the incident did not occur until a few years after the incident with Brian Hicks, this did not help the fan financially.

    Andrea Berg: A German hit phenomenon

    Even the Beatles could learn a slice of Andrea Berg’s successes. After all, the singer was even able to break some of the cult band’s successes in Germany. Andrea Berg was once nothing more than the average German woman who used to work as a nurse. Even after the hit icon has long since celebrated its 20th stage anniversary, there is still no end to its success insight. With her best-of CD, she was in the German charts for 346 weeks. Nobody can do that so quickly! From the crown of folk music to the Echo and Bambi, the most important awards in the music and hit business, the singer won several times. Also, with the pop titans, Dieter Bohlen there were already collaborations. The 2010 album Schwerelos was produced by Dieter. Further albums together followed, half of Atlantis contained compositions by Dieter Bohlen. Then both ended the collaboration for the time being.

    The fans love the pop singer

    The popularity of Andrea Berg is probably also due to that she seems so wonderfully normal and approachable. She’s a star but also down-to-earth. Your texts are not too demanding and take up many everyday topics. The fans like that because they can sing along to the songs so wonderfully. In the German entertainment landscape, slim Andrea, with her typical red hair, is one of the big earners. Although she weighs just 57 kilograms with a height of 168 centimeters, nobody can fool the singer so quickly.

    Also, she has chosen a clever strategy when it comes to selling her concert tickets. The prices can be described as moderate so that most Germans can also afford to see their star live and in color finally. And they come in droves and, despite the not too high ticket prices, wash huge sums of money into Andrea Berg’s cofferswhose husband, Ulrich Ferber, should also be a good match as a hotelier and sports manager. The singer was also able to amass her impressive fortune because she has a more down-to-earth than an extravagant lifestyle. For example, she regularly goes on vacation to Velden am Wörthersee, Austria. With such an income, you might think that she would afford luxury trips to far-flung places in the world, but no – the Schlagerqueen vacationed down-to-earth in Austria.

    Andrea Berg’s greatest successes

    Andrea Berg holds the record as a long-running chart with her best-of album in both Germany and Austria. In 1992 she was in the charts for the first time with an LP in these two countries. It would take a while before she could land her first number 1 with a studio album. She succeeded in 2003 with “Machtlos.” Since then, none of Andrea Berg’s subsequent albums have landed at number 1 in the charts, both in Germany and Austria. Only the Swiss needed a little longer to warm up to Andrea. Here she was able to land her first number 1 in 2013 with the album “Atlantis”.

    At the peak of her success and fame, the singer should also have been very happy about the award of the “10-fold platinum millennium record” for her best-of album. For her Best Of the album, she received 15 gold awards, which earned her 2,000,000 million euros. In the last 16 years, she earned a whopping 11 million euros with her albums.

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