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    Aubrey O’Day Says She Has Tea With The Trump Family After President

    The final presidential debate took place on Thursday. While it was not as lively as the first one, everyone knows that Donald Trump found a way to carry on the best he could.

    One of the topics that Trump allegedly accepted money from China was brought up. Donnie authentically raised Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Donnie alleged that Ukraine’s government gave him $ 183,000, which has been proven to be false. But Donnie still talks like it happened.

    Well, Aubrey O’Day, the former Donald Trump Jr boo from 2006, was somewhat felt when Donnie brought Hunter into the conversation. She tweeted that she had all kinds of receipts from the Trump family, text messages, and everything.

    She tweeted, “since triumph he has now reduced this debate to destroying the family. – Don Jr HATES his father. – Ivanka is a lesbian on the downstairs. – Eric fucked miss universe on the trainee boardroom table while he was with his now-wife. # Debates2020”.

    Aubrey continued, “And while we’re at it… I have texts from don jr telling me what an idiot Barron is. That they were on the private jet and that Barron didn’t like his food, so he tossed the plate across the plane to the attendant. NONE of these people is INNOCENT to be assholes and liars! “

    What Aubrey O’Day Said About The Trump Family

    Aubrey O’Day, who had an affair with Donald Trump Jr., said that her former boyfriend hates his father and that Baron was very aggressive with an airplane’s personnel. 

    Similarly, O’Day stated that Ivanka Trump is a lesbian despite being married to Jared Kushner and that Eric cheated on his current wife when they were starting to date an ex-Miss Universe. 

    After the last political debate of the presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the networks and media criticized them for their words or gestures. 

    Among all these were the words of Aubrey O’Day, who proceeded to reveal a few details about the Trump family. The artist has maintained a close relationship with the current occupants of the White House.  

    It was through his Twitter account that he exposed the presidential family without thinking too much about it. The tweet was deleted shortly after, but in it, it stated the following: 

    Since Trump has reduced this debate to destroying the family.

    -Don Jr HATES his father.

    -Ivanka is a lesbian in the low.

    -Eric f ***** Miss Universe at the apprentice’s boardroom table while with his now-wife. # Debates 2020″.

    He later wrote about some messages Don sent him complaining about little Barron. In which the wrong attitude of the teenager is confirmed in a private plane. 

    “And while we’re at it… I have text messages from Don Jr, where he tells me that little Barron is a bastard. That they were on the private jet and that Barron didn’t like his food, so he threw the plate at the assistant. NONE of these people is INNOCENT to be an idiot and a liar! “

    Although all the tweets were later deleted, the artist also spoke about Ivanka’s privacy. Aubrey claimed that Donald Trump’s daughter is a lesbian and doesn’t support women as she should. 

    “We have to stop talking about children… because Ivanka is a lesbian, but she does not support the rights of women in this administration that she HANDS on the floor.”

    Just a couple of years ago, the star claimed that Don was her soulmate and hoped everyone would ever feel something similar.

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