Best Places to Live in Mississauga

Mississauga is the largest city of Canada neighboring Toronto on Lake Ontario. Just like Toronto, Mississauga is also the business center of Canada. This city has great opportunities for careers for youth. Choosing a good neighborhood plays a vital role in your lifestyle preferences. Any wrong move will result in bad experience.

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livability of Mississauga

Livability is high in Mississauga, and for the next three to five years, this is expected to remain stable. We expect this to continue to be sustained and offer residents a well-rounded place to call “home.” The infrastructure to preserve and improve livability has been in place for a long time.

Here are some good options of neighborhood to move into Mississauga:

Port credit

Port credit is the most desirable choice of people moving to Mississauga because of its fun shops, bars, restaurant and convenience of all the facilities for a good lifestyle. It has easy access to Toronto by car and local transport as well. Another attraction is the famous post credit lighthouse which gives a small village feel.

Square one

Square one is situated in the heart of Mississauga. It’s actually the name of the largest mall in Mississauga. This neighborhood is also called city center. It’s a brilliant place for young professionals and singles especially in summers because of all the events happening there. It has many affordable living options along with a great nightlife and family friendly environment.

Central Erin Mills

Central Erin Mills has been recognized as an excellent neighborhood community in Mississauga. It has smaller sub-neighborhoods such as Credit Valley, Erin Meadows, Castlebridge etc. This community is known for its outstanding schools, which provide quality education alongside 15 parks, and paths, which can serve as entertainment for residents. Its residential area consists of large brick houses alongside well-tended condos with exquisite architectural details and modern interior layouts.

Neighborhood for Families moving to Mississauga

Mississauga is also a great Neighborhood for families to move into. Best places for families are.

Lorne park

Lorne park is known as ‘Hampton’ of elite class because of its high quality lifestyle and beautiful neighborhood. It has great views of mature trees, quiet streets and spacious lots creating elegant vibes. It has limited shops and parks. It has three villages at walking distance named Port Credit, Lakeview and Clarkson. This place is for wealthy people because of high end and cottage style houses. It’s a neighborhood which makes you fall in love with it.


Mineola is considered the premier luxury neighborhood of Mississauga, and provides residents with a ‘cottage’ atmosphere because of the enormous trees. It is said that it is the most famous residence in Mississauga for wealthy families.

This neighborhood is quiet and very exclusive, contributing to its appeal, so that affluent households are more likely to purchase it. There are two elements of the Mineola, East and West.


Lisgar is located in the west end of Mississauga. It is the most affordable neighborhood for families to find a large home. This place has the facility of a lot of parks, trails and schools.


Streetsville is known as a village in the city. It has a 200 years old history located in north west has historical buildings, shops and restaurants alongside Queen St.  give a feel of a small town in Ontario.

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