What Is The Best Treatment For Children In Styes


The appearance of styes in children is an uncomfortable and annoying situation, both for the creatures and for the adults who care for them. But it is very common. It is a common, bacterial abnormality with a high incidence in the first years of life.

This disorder does not represent a danger in most cases. The problem is usually the discomfort it causes the little ones, who find it difficult to tolerate the itchiness and pain that can be caused. We tell you, then, what can be done to treat it.

Stye in kids

What is a stye? It is a small red bump that appears on or near the edge of the eyelid. It has the appearance of a pimple or a pimple. They form on the outside of the eye area and, in a few cases, they do on the inside, contacting the cornea or sclera, which is the white part of the eye.

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Styes usually have a short existence, since the most common is that they disappear on their own in a period of two to seven days. However, while present, they cause pain, burning, and itching.

These discomforts lead the little ones to scratch and rub the area a lot, which is contraindicated since it could favour a bacterial superinfection that leads to conjunctivitis. This would be a complication with a different therapeutic approach.

To treat the discomforts of styles in children, the joint task of adults and minors is essential. The ideal is to keep the eye area clean and without touching it insistently, to prevent infections. We tell you more below.

How to treat styes in children

Although styes are only like a small granite, the pain and itching they cause are great and uncomfortable for children. They feel it as an annoyance that they complain about, and that leads them to manifest themselves with crying, anger and even tantrums. Their young age does not allow them to take the necessary measures to alleviate this ailment.

Therefore, the elderly in charge should explain that the best for their quick relief is not to touch or rub the area. They must be insisted that they maintain the correct and diligent hand washing so that in the inevitable case of touching the eye area, they are clean.

Styes usually cease spontaneously. The usual thing is that by themselves they remit after two or three days or seven at most. To alleviate the discomfort, they cause, compresses moistened with warm water can be applied to the grain, for ten or fifteen minutes.

These compresses, which should always be made with gauze, soft towels or clean canvas, can also be made with an infusion of chamomile. If the procedure is carried out three or four times a day, the style will subside more quickly, and the mentioned discomfort will be alleviated.

Treatments with medicinal products

If styes in children are recurrent, or the one that has appeared in the first instance does not remit after the days in which it normally would, a pediatric consultation should be carried out. It is vital to keep in mind that the ophthalmological health of the little ones is very important.

The pediatrician, in addition to making the hygiene recommendations already described, may prescribe an ointment, or an antibiotic eye drop. It is even common that washing with liquid soaps is prescribed, specially formulated for the affected area. Sometimes, oral drug intake is also indicated.

In very few cases in which the style does not improve, and the area is not decongested, a small cut can be made in the eyelid so that it drains correctly. This incision seeks to release the sebaceous material that is obstructed and prevent possible infections.

Recommendations to avoid the appearance of styes in children

When stye discomfort has already been experienced in children, attention should be paid to the care of the eye area to prevent their reappearance. It should be noted that recidivism is common, so paying attention to it is a task that results in benefits in the medium term.

A suitable measure is to clean the eyelids with diluted baby shampoo (only the one that is formulated not to irritate the eyes) or with the same soap indicated to combat styes. This should be done every two or three days in children who suffer from the chronic form. Also, do not share towels with other people and wash your hands very frequently.

If the creature wears contact lenses (contact lenses ), they must be disinfected with special care before putting them on. Also, hands should be sanitized just before putting them on. And if the stye persists, the lenses should be left for a few days, until it disappears.

Trying to remove styles by squeezing or pressing the area is not appropriate. This type of action generates the risk of worsening the situation that is sought to alleviate. Nor should you apply home remedies without the supervision of the pediatrician.

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