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    Bianca ClaBen (Heinicke) Net Worth & Her Life

    Date of birthFebruary 6, 1993 (age 27)
    Born inCologne, Germany
    marital statusmarried to Julian Claßen (since 2018)
    jobYouTuber, entrepreneur
    Full nameBianca Claßen (Heineke)
    children2 (Lio, Emily)
    size1.55 m
    Weight54 kg

    How much money does Bibi earn on Youtube?

    While children used to be Bibi Blocksberg fans, today, Bibi’s Beauty Palace is more in trend. Bibis Beauty Palace is one of the most successful German-speaking YouTube channels with around 6 million subscribers. Behind it is Bianca ClaBen (formerly Heinicke), who opened it in 2012 and talked about cosmetics, fashion, lifestyle, and personal matters in her videos. Manager Magazin estimated their income at around 110,000 euros per month. Of course, taxes and fixed costs still have to be paid. You also have to consider this with your annual income, and the income is still before taxes. But how much money has she really amassed over all these years? We estimate Bianca ClaBen’s fortune at 3 million euros.

    Childhood and private life

    Bianca Heinicke was born on February 6th, 1993, in Cologne. She has a younger sister named Nadine, born on November 25th, 1996, and is around 3.5 years younger. The mother of the two is called Hildegard and is also called Hilde. She is an educator, the father works in the field. Bibi did her Abitur at a grammar school in Cologne and then studied social sciences, although she did not graduate. At school, she also met Julian ClaBen, with whom she had been in a relationship since she was 15, and married in September 2018.

    He also operates a successful YouTube channel under the name Julienco and appears in many of Bibi’s videos. Bibi is one of the  YouTube millionaires, even though she is still far from topping the list. But if your success curve continues to rise as it has before, a lot more is definitely possible. For Gronkh, Bibi’s Beauty Palace is a real competition when you compare their merits. In reality, the two are not competing with each other, each making YouTube videos on completely different topics.

    The assets of Bibi’s Beauty Palace

    Bibi’s income is made up of different areas and amounts to around 110,000 euros per month. In addition to YouTube, she has various fields of activity with which she has built up her considerable fortune. We show how Bibis Beauty Palace did this!

    1. YouTube revenue

    The first video of Bibi’s Beauty Palace was uploaded in December 2012. Bibi explained a braided hairstyle, which, according to her own statements, she could not find a tutorial. Her videos were mostly about beauty and fashion, she published make-up instructions or gave fashion tips. Little by little, private topics were also discussed, and lifestyle videos were added to the repertoire. Since the start, Bibis Beauty Palace has uploaded over 670 videos, collecting over 2 billion views. The channel already has over 5.4 million subscribers. Bibis Beauty Palace has an average of over 45 million views per month. YouTube does not officially disclose how much you actually earn per 1,000 views, but you can assume a value between one euro and 2.50 euros per 1000 views. Views approx. 60,000 euros per month, even more.

    2. Earning affiliate links

    Bibis Beauty Palace uses so-called affiliate links on her YouTube channel and her numerous other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. These are links to products from which Bibi receives a commission in the event of a purchase. On average, you can assume about six percent commission. With around 420,000 clicks on Amazon per month and a purchase rate of 2.5%, Bibi’s earnings add around 22,000 euros per month.

    3. Additional income with cooperations

    Bibis Beauty Palace has already cooperated with numerous companies and was able to earn a lot from it. For example, she worked with Gameloft and Telekom, Always advertised Ultra sanitary towels, and showed a Kodak photo app. Neckermann also benefited immensely from Bibi’s collaboration, while DM even launched its own beauty line by Bibi called billow. Braun also launched an epilator with her face.

    Together with her boyfriend, she founded the Julian ClaBen & Bianca Heinicke GbR, which takes care of the promotional offers for her and her boyfriend. The company has been marketed by the Cologne agency Check One Two Perfect GmbH since October 2014. Every month, around 35,000 euros are added to the assets of Bibi’s Beauty Palace.

    4. Income from your own music

    On May 5th, 2017, Bibi released her first song called “How it is (wap bap…)”. The video garnered millions of views within a very short time but also set negative records. The music video made it to the videos with the most “dislikes” on YouTube quickly. However, this did not affect the success because it made it to number 9 in the German single charts. The musical excursion will bring Bibi some money back into the cash register.

    5. Fees from films

    Bibi has also been seen or heard several times in the cinema. This is how she appeared in the film “Potato Salad – Don’t Ask!” and spoke the Smurf Lily’s role in “The Smurfs – The Lost Village.” In the film “Ritter Rost 2 – Das Schrottkomplott,” you can hear Bibi as Princess Magnesia. We can certainly expect a lot more from Bibi in this area in the future. This also increases their wealth.

    Criticism of Bibi’s Beauty Palace

    Despite or because of the great success, Bibi is often criticized. For example, Jan Böhmermann denounced her for concealing advertising for minors. The young target group often does not have the necessary understanding to recognize advertising as such. Also, Bibi would use the relationship of trust to make money with it. However, she apparently has no problem with this advertising type and confessed that nothing about it is objectionable.

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