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    Biden Breaks Record of Popular Votes and Surpasses Obama’s Mark in 2008

    Democrat Joe Biden is the new record holder for the highest number of total popular votes received by a candidate for the presidency of the United States

    The counting still in progress of the United States presidential elections indicated that Democratic candidate Joe Biden surpassed Barack Obama’s record in the number of popular votes received on Wednesday, 4. The former president received 69,498,516 votes in 2008 and 65,915 .795 in 2012. Biden managed to overcome these marks reaching 69,504,224 votes. As the count is still being made (follow the count in real-time), the number may increase even more in the coming hours. This year, the North American electoral race was also marked by the largest voter turnout in 100 years, in addition to the largest number of early votes ever seen.

    Despite leading the popular vote, the Democrat still lacks the 270 delegates needed to guarantee his victory. According to the American news agency The Associated Press, Biden has 238 points in the Electoral College. His opponent, Donald Trump, has 213 points and 67,004. 213 popular votes. In the last elections of 2016, the Republicans managed to win the presidency even though he lost in popular votes to Hillary Clinton because he was victorious in the states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. While Biden overcame Trump in Wisconsin and Michigan, the Republican has already declared victory in Florida and is leading the count in Pennsylvania.

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