Biden Transition Team to Review Federal Agencies

Despite the articulations, review teams cannot enter agencies until the General Services Administration formally identifies an election winner

Advisers to the elected President of the United States, Democrat Joe Biden, are already preparing for a transition to the White House and will begin to outline plans this week to implement the new government’s agenda, through the formation of review teams.

Biden is expected to nominate a chief of staff quickly because that person will serve as the president-elect’s right hand when he settles in government. Among the measures that will be taken by the team is the launch of a website and social media accounts.

In addition, advisors who will be appointed by the new president will gain access to the agencies to which they have been assigned, such as the Department of State, Health, and Human Services. Once there, the teams will work alongside career employees, who will inform them of the main regulations and initiatives on the agenda of each agency.

Despite the start of the formation of this transition office, the review teams cannot enter the agencies until the General Services Administration formally identifies an election winner, a technical determination that will grant the Biden team a large number of government resources. Thus, after identifying the winner, the new president will have to publicly name the names of the review team members who have not yet been announced. For now, Biden is expected to announce a separate team of health experts and scientists who will advise the transition while outlining the president-elect’s plan to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

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