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    BJ Dicaprio Is More Than Just A Name

    Like all other artists, BJ Dicaprio aka Bobby White JR belongs to a mediocre family living in Dallas Tx. Growing up in limited resources, BJ Dicaprio earned his name currently in the list of top global hip hop music artists, songwriter, and rapper.

    BJ Dicaprio holds deep meaning

    The name of BJ Dicaprio is itself very interesting and covers deep meaning that no one can think ever of. Could you guess what it stands for? Well, the term “BJ” stands for “Bobby Jr” while “Dicaprio” stands for “Deep inside Courage Answers People’s Real Insecurities Overall”. His name truly indicates with what motive he has entered the music industry – yes to help the youth who have dreams but are suffering from insecurities.

    Famous tracks of BJ Dicaprio

    BJ Dicaprio is famously known for his vast knowledge of rap music. This is why he has worked with various renowned music companies and has received hugely positive feedback from his fans. He is invited to many live music concerts in various cities in America. Among the top tracks of BJ Dicaprio, here’s the list of most popular ones:

    • Show Ya-Brook – released in 2016
    • Hold it Down – 2018
    • Motions – 2018
    • Who Are You – 2018
    • Same me – 2019
    • Not Friendly 2019
    • Down Bad – 2020

    His music tracks are available on Spotify and all other major platforms including Mymixtapez and Hip Hops Revival. Each of his fans is seen singing his tracks now and then and giving their feedback often. Dicaprio never forgets the kindness that people offer to him, that’s why he always credits and gives thanks to his team and those who have been rocking with him while composing, singing, and releasing his tracks. Often, he drops a post to thank you for his team for their patience and hard work that they put in his music.

    Dicaprio is void of competition

    When you deeply investigate the concerns that music artists have, you come to know that their life revolves around the thought of competition that they have with their parallel artists. Everyone is busy in pulling the legs of others to make them down and feel depressed. However, BJ Dicaprio has a very different nature and doesn’t believe in being competitive with his fellow artists. Instead, he reminds himself of the fact that he is in competition with himself and running his race. He believes the day to come should be better than today. That’s why he always learns and tries to bring improvements in his performance.

    BJ Dicaprio shares his music tracks on social media

    On social media especially Facebook and Instagram, Dicaprio shares keeps updating his fans about his upcoming tracks and supports giving their feedback and responding to them. For not causing them any inconvenience, he gives the official links of his tracks to listen and enjoy them easily. Also, he asks them to drop a comment below the link so that he could bring improvements in his upcoming music tracks as per the requirements of his fans.

    BJ Dicaprio relates to his fans

    BJ Dicaprio is one of its kind. He is known as the humblest person that exists on this planet. He is deeply observed being very active in communicating and sharing his thoughts with his fans. Not only he responds on social media individually to his fans but also, he gives the same importance while he meets them and captures selfies with them. As his name indicates, if anyone is insecure and needs a direction for their professional career or even regarding life’s problems, he is always there to guide them. He knows how it feels to lose it all, therefore, extends his hands to everyone needing his advice, support in achieving their goals, and asks them.

    Criticism doesn’t influence BJ Dicaprio

    BJ Dicaprio has got strong control over his nerves. He believes in his talent and the inner peace within. Therefore, often he is seen to respond to his haters, saying that his loyalty is far important than posing as fake to his fans. He knows that he’s the one who can change his fate, thus doesn’t waste his time in holding his critiques for his temporary failures. On the other hand, he always gives a shoutout to his supporters for supporting him through thick and thin.

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