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    Casein Protein For Better Health

    Casein powder consists of casein protein, one of the proteins found in the milk other than whey protein. Casein is slow digesting in nature but consists of all the nutrients that whey protein contains. Actually, casein protein shares 80 % of the milk protein, whereas whey protein is 20 % of milk protein. Whey can be digested quickly in comparison to casein. That is the difference between these two milk proteins. But casein is a complete source of protein just like any other animal protein. It consists of all the required amino acids and other nutrients like calcium along with protein, carbs, and fats. 

    Benefits of Casein protein

    Here are some of the impressive benefits of casein protein supported by some preliminary studies. 

    • Fat Loss: Many people use it for weight and fat loss. In a training study it is found that the casein supplement worked three times greater than placebo group for fat loss. 
    • Free radical release: Casein protein consists of peptides that have antioxidant property which helps the body to fight against free radical releases which are harmful for the body. 
    • Better Immunity: It is found in some cell studies that with the antibacterial property, casein supports your immune system and limits the high blood pressure. 
    • Regulates triglyceride levels: One study was conducted on 10 overweight people who found 22 % reduction in their triglyceride levels if casein is taken after meal.  

    Side Effects Of Casein protein

    Many studies and customer reviews debunked the claim of casein protein side effects several times. And proved no negative effects on individual’s health. But there are some specific conditions that show the noticeable side effects of it. 

    People who are having kidney or liver diseases can face side effects if they take casein protein in more than recommended amounts. Some of the people who are intolerant to lactose can face some allergic reaction from casein even in small amounts. 

    Some of the problems due to the casein are bloating and digestive issues that vary person to person. Just like whey protein, casein is quite safe for consumption and offers long term benefits on your health. 

    Maximize the benefits of casein

    As we know, casein is slow digesting protein. For fast effects on your body, you should take whey protein immediately after your intense training as your body is quite sensitive toward nutrients after 30 to 60 minutes of training. As whey is fast absorbing protein with various other nutrients it helps to provide all the required nutrients for the body. But when you are not doing any physical activity or while sleeping, you need enough nutrients to get nourished at that time. Casein protein is the best supplement for that time. So it is better to drink it before bed to maximize the benefits.

    Take the casein powder everyday to improve your health. No doubt fast digesting protein is important but slow digesting protein helps your muscles to get recovered when you are not taking any nutrient. We know that casein is highly underrated protein in comparison to whey protein but you will see the effective results without getting disappointed, once you use it. To maximize protein effects use whey and casein in a day separately.

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