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    Children Awareness about Corona Virus

    It is important for the children equally to be aware of what coronavirus is. For the children who are not into society and are too young to read themselves, it becomes the responsibility of parents to introduce the children to the pandemic.

    Since it is not a disease that is short-lived but is an enormous virus throughout the world. Having caused troubles for the whole world, the major firms throughout are going into recession. Here is some suggestion for you to educate your child with what a virus is?

    Educate your child about what a virus is?

    For this, you first need to know what a virus is. So it is the germ which transfers from one person to the other. There are different types of it, so it depends on what kind you are talking about. But, commonly, usually, viruses transfer from one human to another and the same is the case with the animals and other living organisms in the universe.

    Origin of Coronavirus

    It was first detected in China, in Wuhan. There are several speculations about how this virus came to existence, but most of the researchers found that it broke out of the bat. This virus kept multiplying and hence got spread throughout the world gradually. Its life span is 24 hours so if you haven’t been in contact with anyone having a virus at clothes or it could be on the grill, so you won’t be getting infected. The size of this virus is generally big than usual viruses.

    Precautionary measures for the Coronavirus

    The World Health Organization (WHO) had published precautionary measures for the world to be followed. A mask and a sanitized are a must when you somewhere outside. This measure is followed in all parts of the world until now. as we are not completely free of the virus. It spreads wildly so being careful about it is good for all.

    Keep a check for your child’s response

    Children usually take such information in the shape of a tale and enjoy just like a fairy tale. This is also a good thing. Make sure that you are not making your child extra conscious or scared of it. Communicate things positively so that he could not get the chance to manipulate things is the wrong way. Keep a check if your child Id getting scared, stop sharing, or rather mold it to something attractive and catchy to him.

    Psychological impacts on children

    If a child is too sensitive towards his surrounding, he will definitely get suffocated about the guidelines you provide to him about the virus, for him, it will be a kind of life-threatening story. Keep your child safe at home, meanwhile fulfilling the precautionary measures. The psychological impacts your child will get at this early age will haunt him for a long. This will make him depressed and fall prey to things too early. 

    If a child gets mentally disturbed by the idea of a virus, it would be difficult for him to come out of that realm again. Such kids, who take impact very early, face problems in grown-up age. 

    Fight with the virus

    Make your child confident about the battle with the virus. Tell him that he just needs to keep himself clean and tidy and the virus is nothing to ruin his health. A virus is not something to be scared of, but a material to fight with. Whether you have a child through surrogacy, you have to be more careful during a pandemic because they are more sensitive. You can learn more about surrogate children on gravidanza surrogata

    Final thoughts

    No matter how serious the virus is, do not tell your child like a horror story. Be very much careful about communicating it. Do not make a child scared of him rather confident about his existence.

    Children are usually sensitive to such fascinating things so they might make them feel excited, that is good, in spite of getting mentally disturbed. Keep your child safe and never forget to follow the precautionary measures. 

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