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    6 Common Health Myths You Have Always Believed As Facts

    Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle has become very popular. Sports sections, proper nutrition, and constant care for the health are increasingly occupying the minds of our contemporaries. Magazine pages, TV shows, and Internet sites offer a huge number of recommendations for those wishing to lead a healthy lifestyle and get even closer to perfection. 

    Most Common Health Myths

    It is hardly worth blindly trusting all this information, because some advice does not in any way affect the state of human health, and some are even capable of causing harm.

    1. Calories for Breakfast

    Probably, many people know the proverb that it is better to eat breakfast alone, lunch with a friend, and it is advisable to give dinner to the enemy. The rules of a healthy lifestyle indicate that the morning meal is extremely important for the body. First, it provides the energy you need for the whole day, and secondly, it allows you to avoid overeating at dinner.

    Indeed, the morning meal is good for health. But sometimes nutritionists exaggerate the benefits of a hearty breakfast. Moreover, to obtain the necessary charge of energy, you can limit yourself to the use of lighter dishes. 

    German scientists, after conducting certain studies, found that people whose breakfast contained a large number of calories also increased the portion of dinner. And this is quite understandable: if after a heavy breakfast a person does not use up the required amount of calories, the body will store it in fat. 

    2. The Type of Alcohol Matters

    The chemicals used in alcohol production make the body and the mind-dependent. However, some people say that a small amount of alcohol daily won’t do any harm. Or some types of alcohol are not as harmful.

    Each type of liquor contains ethanol which no matter how less consumed is injurious to health. Be it wine or beer, they all comprise of ethanol. So, it’s a myth that drinking a different type of alcohol will not do any harm to the body and therefore, it is alright to make them a part of your lifestyle.

    So burst the bubble, before it’s too late to come back. If you have become an addict, get yourself some treatment. With the help of specialized addiction treatment, there are bright chances of recovering soon. 

    3. Orange Juice is the Best Breakfast Drink

    Orange juice is popular all over the world. According to some supporters of a healthy lifestyle, this drink is the best fit for a morning meal, because it is an excellent source of energy and a real storehouse of vitamins.

    There is no doubt that freshly squeezed orange juice is good for your health. Its life-giving power helps to wake up, gives a supply of energy, vigor, and good mood for the whole day. However, getting carried away with its use, do not forget about the safety rules. 

    The benefits and harms of this wonderful drink can depend on both its quantity and quality. Besides, not everyone benefits from it. People with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract should be especially careful. 


    The content of organic acids in orange juice increases the acidity in the stomach. This, in turn, can lead to several digestive problems. The ideal time for eating orange juice is at least thirty minutes, and preferably one hour after eating. 

    4. Organic Food on Human Healthy Life

    “Foods labeled as organic are healthier than conventional foods,” say health advocates. These products can be found in abundance on the shelves of health food retailers. Food of organic origin, the use of which implies a healthy lifestyle of a person, must have a special quality document.

    A certificate confirming that they are grown in compliance with all established standards. However, not every supporter of healthy eating knows about this, and even more so it is unlikely to check the existence of this document. 

    So sometimes products labeled “organic” are just a marketing gimmick. By the way, it is very successful, because people who are attracted by the culture of a healthy lifestyle are happy to buy “harmless” products. Thus, under the guise of, for example, natural meat, you can buy a product grown in an unknown place and it is not clear how.

    5. Abs Swinging Helps Burn Belly Fat

    People believe that intense abdominal exercise will help shed excess belly fat and make it flatter. Indeed, strength exercises are beneficial. They tighten the muscles, making them look beautiful and prominent. As a result, the belly will become flat and beautiful, but this will not affect the amount of adipose tissue.

    Exercises for the press do not require high energy costs. And this suggests that to burn a certain amount of fat, you will have to work out a lot. Thus, the muscles sway, only beautiful cubes continue to hide behind a layer of fat accumulations. 

    Therefore, just pumping the press is not enough. You also need to burn fat additionally. Moreover, the opinion that it is possible to get rid of excess savings in one specific place is not entirely correct. The body distributes energy evenly. Therefore, it will also get rid of excess fat evenly.

    6. Sun’s Rays and The Rules of a Healthy Lifestyle

    Are the sun’s rays hazardous to human health? Currently, on many forums and pages of magazines promoting a healthy lifestyle, you can find a huge number of “horror” stories about the dangers of the sun. Undoubtedly, it is hardly useful to be on the beach in the middle of the day under the scorching sun. 

    However, isolation from the sun’s rays will also bring considerable harm to the body, because the sun is the main supplier of vitamin D. It is necessary for skin health, strengthening bone tissue, maintaining immunity, and normalizing the human nervous system.

    Summing Up

    A healthy lifestyle is wonderful! Just take your time to believe everything that you see on the pages of magazines and TV screens. Check the information, or better yet, consult your doctor.

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