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    Daniela Katzenberger Net Worth – The Cat’s Million Wealth

    How rich is Daniela Katzenberger?

    At first, Daniela Katzenberger hardly wanted to take anyone seriously – today, she proves her size and brains. Even though her image picks up on many stereotypes, such as a naive blonde, she does not correspond. The cat, as its fans affectionately know it, is now a smart businesswoman. She earned a lot of money as a restaurateur and through her television appearances as an advertising star and singer. For example, she worked with the furniture discounter Poco und Perlweiß. The estimated net worth of Daniela Katzenberger is 3.5 million euros.

    In love happiness with Lucas Cordalis

    Since Daniela Katzenberger is married to Lucas Cordalis, she has been in the media’s focus even more. This has not changed even after the birth of their daughter Sophia. The little one was born in 2015, and Daniela Katzenberger has been a bit calmer since then. Because she doesn’t have to worry financially about her assets, after all, the cat has made a million-dollar fortune but is also known for the fact that it only spends this very sparingly and is therefore excellent at dealing with money. Let it be granted to her! Daniela’s fairytale wedding with her husband Lucas was broadcast live on TV on June 4, 2016. Ratings of over 10.2 percent underscored the celebrity status that the two enjoy.

    Daniela Katzenberger and her fees

    Daniela Katzenberger appeared for the first time with the series “Up and Away – My International Diary”. Also, with “Goodbye Germany! The emigrants, “She could be seen, and it quickly became clear that this woman was made for television. Because all episodes in which the cat appeared quickly became real quotes, the television bosses also became aware of Daniela. As early as 2010, the beautiful blonde received her documentary soap, shown on German television under the title “Daniela Katzenberger – Naturally Blond” until 2013. In 2014 she continued her collaboration with the TV broadcaster VOX, whereby her format was now called “Daniela Katzenberger – naturally beautiful”. By the way, she is said to have received a fee of 15,000 euros per episode, so that with a total of 96 episodes, almost 1 million euros through her TV shows alone should have come together. Her sister Jenny Frankhauser emulates her in the point – she was a participant in the jungle camp 2018. An attempt to increase their fame and get a nice feel in the process.

    Cafe Katzenberger, which opened in 2010, has been a resounding success from the start. In the main season, the profit per month should have been around 3,000 euros at the beginning. In the meantime, however, the cat has sold her cafe. She didn’t have the time to go to the cafe from time to time. It is above all the numerous commercials with which Daniela Katzenberger was able to build up her fortune. Because the advertisement for 118,000 alone, the directory assistance, is said to have brought in 100,000 euros. An advertisement for pearly white teeth is said to have brought her a fee of 150,000 euros. The collaboration with the furniture discounter Poco is said to have brought Daniela another 150,000 euros.

    As a smart entrepreneur, Daniela Katzenberger has now also launched her products on the market. Whether shoes or beauty products, with these merchandising articles, the cat is about to earn a golden nose. Her singing career is said to have brought her only a low five-digit amount.

    Interesting facts about Daniela Katzenberger

    By the way, her family also benefited from the fame of the cat. For example, her mother, Iris Klein, took part in the 10th season of Big Brother. At first glance, it should be clear that the appearance of daughter Daniela is not entirely real because the cat has had its breasts enlarged. She paid 2,500 euros for one breast, and the doctor took over the other. The cat arranged this cleverly: A VOX team accompanied her during the operation, so she didn’t have to pay for one breast herself. Daniela says that she only invested 6,000 euros in her body, nails, hair, permanent makeup, and eyelashes. In 2009 the busty beauty was voted “Top Model of the World – Mallorca”. To the Playmate with the famous Playboy boss Hugh Hefner, to which she wanted to apply at the beginning of her TV career, it was never enough.

    The income of the cat

    Incidentally, her self-marketing strategy, which worked to the fullest, included a TV format about the joint baby happiness with Lucas Cordalis, the son of Costa Cordalis, and her book. In 2011, the cat became a well-known book author with her autobiography “Be smart, act stupid,” and with this work, she was able to climb number 1 on the Spiegel bestseller list for paperbacks. The cat has published three other books, these earnings add to her fortune. So you can “cat kisses tomcat. My book about love” and “A chick will be a mom. Nine months on the way to becoming a kitten”. You can also read about the wedding in “A chick says” Yes! “On cat paws to the altar.”

    In addition to the TV shows, the cat earns a lot from the merchandise items. For example, you can buy a toilet seat with the cat logo. Likewise, a perfume. The range is long; there are t-shirts, makeup and nail items, drinking bottles, shoes, and much more from cats. She also has her app, “Love and Style.” This allows you to buy clothes and accessories that Daniela Katzenberger wears. Of course, there should also be commissions for the cat! Daniela Katzenberger thus defies all expectations and has confidently earned her current million dollar fortune.

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