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    Democrat Joe Biden Starts Saturday With 7,200 Votes in Georgia

    Updated vote count data in the southeastern state of the country shows a difference of 7,248 votes between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump.

    Democratic candidate Joe Biden extended his vote advantage in the state of Georgia, in the southeastern United States, on Saturday morning, 7, and has 7,248 more votes than Donald Trump with about 1% of the polls not yet counted.

    According to American TV channels, while the Democrat registered 2,461,455 votes, the Republican had 2,454,207 earlier in the day. Georgia was one of the states in which Donald Trump had the upper hand until Friday morning when Biden passed him 917 votes.

    Whoever wins in the country takes 16 votes from the electoral college. So far, Biden has 253 votes and President Trump has 214. Whoever reaches 270 votes first can be considered the new US president.

    President Donald Trump’s campaign team filed an electoral lawsuit against the state trying to stop the vote-counting alleging the disappearance of ballots, which has not been proven so far.

    The court decision was not accepted by local authorities. As state law provides for a recount of votes when the difference between the two candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points, however, Fulton County also announced on Friday evening that the process for reviewing votes must be carried out on December 1st. The exact number of votes that have not yet been counted in the state has not been released.

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