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    Dennis Schroder: Fortune & Salary at The Lakers

    Date of birth15th September 1993 (age 27)
    Born inBraunschweig, Germany
    marital statusmarried to Ellen Ziolo (since 2019)
    jobBasketball professional

    How much money does Dennis Schroder earn in the NBA?

    Dennis Schroder is the German NBA star for the Los Angeles Lakers. At the side of superstar LeBron James, Schroder earns 15.5 million US dollars in the current season. Of course, the incredible NBA salaries also have to pay taxes and finance their own luxury life. Dennis Schroder’s estimated net worth is € 35 million.

    The way to the NBA

    The German was born on September 15, 1993, in Braunschweig and discovered by chance as a basketball talent at eleven on an open space in Braunschweig’s Prinzenpark. He was invited to a training session of the professional club SG Braunschweig and convinced with his performance. So he could go through the entire youth basketball program.

    At the age of 18, he was already playing in the first division team of the Phantoms Braunschweig and made his Bundesliga debut (BBL) in the 2011/12 season. In the following season, 2012/13, he made it to a regular player and was awarded the titles “Best Young Player (U24)” and “Most Improved Player.”

    Atlanta Hawks

    Dennis signed up for the 2013 NBA Draft at the age of only 19 after the outstanding performance. As the 17th overall pick, he was selected by the Atalanta Hawks in the first round, and his dream of playing in the best basketball league in the world came true. As an aside, the point guard was automatically a multi-millionaire because the 3-year rookie contract was already endowed with 4,802,280 US dollars + an option for another year with 2,708,582 US dollars.

    Since the level of the NBA is at a much higher level than the BBL, Schroder should first go through a little familiarization phase in the NBA D-League. After just six games, he returned to the Hawks during the 2013/14 regular season and already played in 49 of 82 games and got two playoff bets. In his second season, he had fully arrived in the NBA but was not yet one of the Hawks’ starting five. Shortly before the 2015/16 season, the Haws drew another year’s option in the rookie contract, which would have run until summer 2016.

    Due to further constant achievements and many career records, he was offered a 4-year contract with a total volume of 70 million US dollars (including bonuses) in October 2016, of which 62 million US dollars were guaranteed. With this fat contract, the Hawks made the German a starting five point guard and replaced the outgoing Jeff Teague.

    Oklahoma City Thunder

    At the start of the 2018/19 season, Dennis Schroder was surprisingly traded to Oklahoma City Thunder. He was used as the “sixth man” in the team behind superstar point guard Russell Westbrook. In the second Thunder Season, he was also used only behind the new point guard Chris Paul as the “sixth man” and still got a lot of playing time in the NBA, in which he showed consistently strong performances.

    Salary at the LA Lakers

    At the start of the 2020/21 season, the German point guard was transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers and is now playing alongside superstar LeBron James. The original 4-year contract is still in place, and Dennis will continue to be paid afterward. He was able to integrate into the team straight away and is one of the Lakers’ solid starting five. Whether he will get a new contract from the Lakers remains to be seen for the time being. This is what Dennis Schroder’s previous earnings in the NBA look like:

    2013-14Atlanta Hawks$ 1,348,200
    2014-15Atlanta Hawks$ 1,690,680
    2015-16Atlanta Hawks$ 1,763,400
    2016-17Atlanta Hawks$ 2,708,582
    2017-18Atlanta Hawks$ 15,500,000
    2018-19Oklahoma City Thunder$ 15,500,000
    2019-20Oklahoma City Thunder$ 14,531,250
    2020-21Los Angeles Lakers$ 15,500,000
    Total earnings$ 68,542,112

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