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    Digital Platforms To Make Money From Home

    Now, if you have diverse talents and knowledge that can range from article writing, logo design, business consulting, marketing, text translation, programming and technology, among many other skills, I share these three digital platforms, which they will surely allow you to make money in times of crisis.

    First of all, making money in times of crisis is not easy. Let’s take into account that many people have lost their jobs and many companies and businesses have gone bankrupt or are in an unfavourable economic position to contract services or make unnecessary expenses, however, this does not mean that it is impossible to generate resources in hard times.



    Freelancer is an incredible digital platform to exploit your talents and earn money with them. It allows you, for example:

    • Participate in highly paid design, programming and writing contests.
    • You can also find employment there, working for various companies and businesses that require your services.
    • You can also start your projects and create offers that allow you to generate income.

    Remember well to know your areas of knowledge and skills to obtain the income you want on this platform.

    2. FIVERR

    Without a doubt, of the three digital platforms that I share in this article, FIVERR is by far my favourite:

    • It has an intuitive and easy to understand design.
    • Its main dashboard allows you to create as many services as you want.
    • Each service can offer up to 3 different packages with different offers.
    • Unlike other platforms, this creates more confidence by requiring a complete registration of your CV.

    Something important when offering your services on Fiverr is to make sure that the services you offer do not violate copyright or seek to make fraud since they can suspend or delete your account.

    If you want to see a little more of my work on Fiverr, you can access it here.

    3. HOTMART

    Hotmart is a platform that I also use very often. There you can find endless articles and digital products, where, the way to earn money is very simple, in addition to having various features:

    • You earn with affiliate marketing, in which you sell a product from a hot mart user, and they pay you commission for selling that digital product.
    • The options are many, and you can compare among the most viable for you.
    • The platform is intuitive and easy to understand how it works.
    • He has his blog for you to learn for free about business and ways to make money.


    Do you like photography? At Shutterstock, you can monetize your work. Just upload your best photos and video clips so other people can use them for educational, editorial or commercial purposes.

    As a tip, the most profitable photos and videos are those used for commercial purposes, so think about creating the material that can be useful to brands for their campaigns.

    You can also generate income by inviting other people to the platforms.

    5. BUBOK

    Do you like to write and have you thought about publishing a book? Through Bubok you can do it.

    It is a digital platform for independent authors that allows anyone to publish and market their works.

    Also, the same platform offers you a useful guide to publish your book.


    Do you have a large community on your website or social media? With this platform, you can generate income by creating sponsored content for brands.

    Do you like to write? In Publisuites, you can also earn money writing content for sites like blogs and portals that require content to publish.

    7. SCUELA

    In Scuela you can create and market your courses online or earn money by recommending the courses on the platform.

    As an interesting fact, you not only earn for the courses you refer directly, but for all the courses acquired by the users who registered on the platform through you.


    Do not forget that the most important thing in the end, is to look for different opportunities to generate income, do it knowing your passion, talents and helping others to solve their problems.

    Do your best and earn a lot with these digital platforms, always remembering that:

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