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    The Net Worth of DJ Bobo

    How much money does DJ BoBo have?

    Even if he was often ridiculed, DJ BoBo is an absolute successful musician. The Swiss, a son and a daughter, has been successful in the music business for several decades. Despite his Eurovision flop in the past, the artist promises his fans that he will still be on stage in his old age. After all, he earns anything but bad with it. BoBo even says of himself that being a multimillionaire is super cool. However, how many millions of the musicians could amass exactly on his account sometimes remained a secret. However, one can certainly speculate. After all, the cult star has sold more than 15 million CDs so far. If he got even one euro per CD, it would be worth at least 15 million euros. One must not forget that DJ BoBo has been on tour for decades and really buys off at his shows. We appreciate that DJ BoBo’s assets of 20 million euros.

    In addition to his earnings, there are stage shows, other appearances on TV, and income from the sale of fan merchandise and the DJ BoBo merchandise. The Swiss know how to market themselves and have become their own brand over the decades. That’s not to say that his career hasn’t included mountains as well as valleys. However, Peter René Baumann, as the singer and dancer are called in real life, now takes some defeats more calmly. He attributes this mainly to his family and his two children with his wife, Nancy. The woman at his side is also part of his crew. Nancy Baumann, therefore, understands what everyday life as an entertainer really means. The millions in his account must have been very beneficial to DJ BoBo’s private happiness because he doesn’t have to worry about money first.

    How much does DJ BoBo currently earn?

    His financially strongest years are probably already behind him. However, that does not mean that the composer and music producer do not continue building his fortune. In 2011, for example, a Swiss TV broadcaster (SRF) reported that the artist earned around 10,000 Swiss francs a month. Converted, this corresponds to about 9,135 euros. If you then deduct the tax burden still to be paid from DJ BoBo, an annual income of 50,000 to around 75,000 euros can be assumed. These are not huge sums. But the income from CD sales was not taken into account in the invoice at that time. Neither did the tour revenue. DJ Bobo sells out huge halls, which increases his earnings accordingly. However, it remains to be hoped that the Swiss superstar has handled his previous millions carefully and thus still has enough money on the high edge.

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    In the past, BoBo, as his fans affectionately call him, could probably charge much higher fees. Back then, he earned up to 225,000 euros in just one weekend. However, this was certainly a much more labor-intensive time. The star has repeatedly earned additional income outside of the music business and has taken part in various TV shows (especially in Switzerland). As an artist of his caliber, these appearances and engagements are likely to have resulted in a high five-figure fee.

    DJ BoBo, the absolute show master

    His catchy tunes “Freedom” and “There Is a Party” bring Peter René Baumann a nice sum of money to this day. Even if many with his brightly colored blousons might have thought he was a clown, he proved the exact opposite to his critics. After all, very few people in the show or music business can have such a long career. He has even been able to inspire stars like Andrea Berg to new heights. In the nineties, particularly, the man who stood on the big stage for the first time at the age of 24 was a real phenomenon.

    The fact that DJ BoBo still does not belong to the scrap heap and understands the high art of entertainment was also impressively demonstrated by the tour’s 25th anniversary. The entertainer has never sold more tickets for a tour. If the Swiss have their way, things can go on like this in the future. He knows full well that he is not the most talented artist in the whole world. But his hard work and his vision have brought him to his goal. And that is what ultimately counts, So it doesn’t matter that many still like to underestimate the artist, singer, dancer, and composer today.

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