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What is the Entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur is one who discovers an opportunity, takes financial and emotional risks, and starts his own business to make a profit.

The entrepreneur is characterized by knowing how to identify and take the opportunities that are presented to him, having confidence in himself, being competent, courageous, and disciplined.

The entrepreneur is also considered a business leader since he can create a successful business plan for his product and at the same time encourage other people to be part of his project, either by investing capital for the business or as human capital.

Entrepreneurship defined briefly as the initiative of being an entrepreneur, has been associated with small and medium-sized companies or SMEs because they are characterized by having one or two people assuming the risks of starting a business that generates profits.

Characteristics of an entrepreneur

The millennial generation, which means ‘of the millennium’, is made up of those born between 1981 and 2000, characterized by being the generation of entrepreneurs.

Statistical studies point out that this phenomenon is due to the greater schooling with higher academic degrees that characterize this generation together with a much higher level of indebtedness compared to previous generations. The high unemployment rate that has increased during those years has also motivated Generation Y or millennials to entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneur is characterized by being an ambitious individual, who possesses confidence in his skills and abilities to be able to run his own business. Therefore, you feel motivated, with good ideas to implement them, and thus achieve your goals.

Likewise, he has the character of a leader, so he can summon other people in the same direction, and transmit a global vision, guide the group, and, most importantly, keep the team animated despite the obstacles that may arise. present throughout the job.