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    Exploring a Simplified Concept to Class 8 Maths

    Mathematics as we know is a very logical and interesting subject that increases a student’s practical approach to things. There is mathematics in everything that we do or observe around us.

    It helps us to analyze things properly and have a better reasoning ability. You need to calculate pros and cons of every situation and that mathematics helps you to do so wisely. It is not only a valuable subject but is equally important in solving problems easily.

    When mathematics is such an important subject then it is necessary that you get proper knowledge of each and every concept of it and from the best source and build a strong base in it. And one such source that is best and opted by many is NCERT. NCERT provides you with required textbooks, sample papers and solutions that are very much helpful in getting detailed knowledge of mathematics and solving practical papers that help you prepare easily for examinations.

    Class 8 Maths Concept And Why Is It Important

    Students shift from one class to another and so the course also levels up. They get to learn new things and understand them. There are so many things included in class 8 math’s book from theory to practical that are not restricted to addition or subtraction but expands in much wider and broader concepts.

    They learn about rational numbers, linear equations, square roots and much more that is not only needed today but equally important for the future too. They come across various concepts and data that will help them solve big problems easily.

    NCERT textbook and solutions help students to learn each chapter in detail and understand them. They state all the terms in simple and easy language so that it is easier for students to learn them.

    From fundamentals to basics each chapter is explained wisely and you get exercises at the end of each chapter that helps you solve them and understand practical concepts too.

    There are varieties of questions related to each chapter and you get NCERT book solution that help you solve those questions easily and give you a brief idea as to how to attempt such questions in examination. You get a step by step guide so that you know where you were making mistakes and resolve them. You get to improve your math skills and learn efficiently.

    Syllabus Of NCERT Class 8 Maths

    NCERT class 8 maths has list of chapters in its syllabus that keeps on upgrading from time to time and the latest one is as follows:

    Chapter 1:- Rational Numbers: In this chapter students learn about real numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers and natural numbers. They get 2 exercises at the end that contain all the topics present in this chapter.

    Chapter 2:- Linear Equations In One Variable: Here students learn about only linear expressions in one variable. There are 6 exercises in this chapter with lots of questions that help you understand this chapter better and solve questions easily.

    Chapter 3:- Understanding Quadrilaterals: Students get a brief knowledge of quadrilaterals theoretically and practically. They learn about different kinds of polygons that include triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagon, hexagon and many more. It covers 4 exercises with around 30 questions that help students to learn efficiently.

    Chapter 4:- Practical Geometry: Here students learn about different methods of constructing the quadrilaterals and it will help them to get proper knowledge of all the phases of the quadrilateral. It has 5 exercises with around 6 questions to help students solve and learn practically.

    Chapter 5:- Data Handling: Here students learn how to organize and represent data in a systematic method. They get to learn through various diagrams like pictograph, bar graph, pie chart and so on and get a brief idea of probability. They get 3 exercises in this chapter to understand nicely.

    Chapter 6:- Square And Square Roots: this chapter helps students to learn about the concept of square number and square root of a number.  They have 4 exercises with lots of questions to help students understand better.

    Chapter 7:- Cube And Cube Roots: Students learn about cube and cube roots of a number and its different methods and patterns. They get 2 exercises to solve practically.

    Chapter 8:- Comparing Quantities: it helps learn the difference between rise and decrease of percentages, market value, discount, sales value etc. students learn about simple interest, compound interest yearly, monthly and so on. It has 3 exercises that help learn better with many questions.

    Chapter 9:- Algebraic Expressions And Identities: students learn about terms, coefficients and factors related to algebraic expressions. Here students learn addition, subtraction and multiplication of algebraic expression. It has 5 exercises to help students cover the chapter practically.

    Chapter 10:- Visualizing Solid Shapes: Here students learn to visualize solid shapes in different dimensions. It has 3 exercises with some questions to understand shapes better.

    Chapter 11:- Mensuration: Here students learn to solve the area and perimeter of other plane closed figures like quadrilaterals. It has 4 exercises where students learn about cube, cuboids and cylinders.

    Chapter 12:- Exponents And Powers: It has 2 exercises where students learn about exponents and powers like law of exponents, use of exponents to express the numbers in standard form, comparison of large numbers with small numbers and many more.

    Chapter 13:- Direct And Inverse Proportions:- It has 2 exercises that help you learn about direct and inverse proportion and solve it practically.

    Chapter 14:- Factorization: This chapter includes division of various factors and their relations. It has 4 exercises with lots of practical questions.

    Chapter 15:- Introduction To Graphs: Here students learn to represent different types of data with various graphs. It has 3 exercises and students can learn easily.

    Chapter 16:- Playing With Numbers: Here students learn about various numbers like whole numbers, integers, natural numbers and so on. It has 2 exercises to solve practicals.

    Play the Trick to Achieve Success Easily

    We learnt about class 8 maths and how NCERT is helpful for students in learning every concept easily. It is understandable and used by many students to learn. It has required practicals to prepare the student for examination purposes.

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