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    Fashion Mistakes You Might Be Making While Dressing

    The mistakes we make when dressing can harm our image and send the wrong message. Therefore, we need to pay attention to certain details and practice some very simple tricks to avoid them.

    The golden rule for everything in the world of the image is mainly ” balance and moderation.” Excesses and lack of knowledge of the body and its particular characteristics are two factors that lead to making mistakes.

    Fortunately, this is something that may have a solution.

    4. mistakes we make when dressing

    When we have a free moment, we must calmly place ourselves in front of the mirror and observe ourselves. We have to be aware of what our body is like, what its lines are like, and what can favor it the most.

    The ideal would then be to try on several sets and see how they fit us, what adjustments should be made, and what should be discarded. Many times, we get an idea, a mental image, but then, when putting on the garments, it doesn’t look the same, and we don’t get a good result.

    Let’s see below what are the four mistakes we make when dressing.

    Fashion Mistakes
    • Being overly critical of ourselves

    This is the first and most common of all errors. We always tend to be overly critical of ourselves and “punish” ourselves in one way or another for not being such a role model, celebrity, or influencer. As the famous proverb says: we are our toughest judges.

    In this sense, the sabotage that we do to ourselves can reach levels that contribute nothing more than negative feelings about ideas that do not help us to be constructive.

    To avoid falling into it, it is very important to reinforce what we do like about ourselves  (and if we still do not know it, we must give ourselves the opportunity to find out as soon as possible) and let things flow little by little.

    The construction of a positive image consistent with reality is not a task that is achieved on the first attempt. It is not a straight line path either, but it is worth going through to enjoy well – being and radiate happiness.

    • Give more authority to the opinion of others than to your own

    In relation to the above, it should be noted that another of the mistakes we make when dressing more frequently is giving more authority to the opinion of others than to their own.

    Eye! No need to go to extremes. It is one thing to yield to all the criticisms of others, and another is not to allow them to do any. We must know how to set healthy limits, admit those that are constructive, and learn to analyze them in such a way that we can make the adjustments that we consider necessary.

    The important thing is not to stop validating our own opinion due to the fact that others share their points of view in this regard. After all, the most important thing is to be satisfied with ourselves.

    • Succumb to each and every trend
    Fashion Mistakes

    Being a victim of fashion is also one of the mistakes we frequently make when dressing.

    We need to be very up-to-date with current trends. Thus, we stunt the trend selection filter and don’t adapt to what favors us. We tend to exaggerate with fashion.

    To avoid falling into this, it is very important to miss some trends, since not all of them are tailor-made. We must know how to discern between what makes us look and feel good and what does not.

    • Reserve in excess what you like the most

    It is not convenient to reserve those parts and accessories that we like only for «special occasions» because many times, time passes and, in the end, we never get to use it.

    You have to dress for yourself, be happy, and at ease day by day, not only in specific events.

    Other common mistakes to avoid

    • Not wearing the right size.
    • Excesses of color, prints, and accessories.

    It’s about keeping a balance and enjoying fashion, not being slaves to it. As much as we want, the textile industry does not stop changing, so there is no point in fluctuating according to any trend that in one month will have disappeared.

    On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that there are always times for everything: some to be bold, others to be more reserved, and so on. The most important thing is to be comfortable with ourselves.

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