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    The Net Worth of folk music star Florian Silbereisen

    How much money does Florian Silbereisen have?

    Through his former relationship with Helene Fischer, one of Germany’s biggest pop stars, Florian Silbereisen has also made it even more famous. However, at the side of his now ex-girlfriend, he had to admit that he doesn’t earn as much as Helene, the shooting star of the German hit scene. After all, Florian Silbereisen’s fortune should amount to 8.5 million euros. He is also playing as an actor in the new season of “Das Traumschiff” and has replaced Xavier Naidoo on DSDS 2020 as a jury member.

    Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer

    The couple had sung several romantic duets and performed together. Florian has made headlines in recent years with his huge Helene tattoo. The piece of jewelry has cost him a total of 1,000 euros, which now ensures that he always has his “former” sweetheart with him. From 2008 to 2018, the two were the Schlager dream couple.

    Its beginnings and the career

    Florian Silbereisen received his first recording contract at the age of 9 and was subsequently considered a child prodigy of folk music. Little Florian was seen on television for the first time at the age of 10 and mastered this performance so well that it has now become a long-lasting career. When the singer was finally allowed to join the Musikantenstadl at the age of 20, he had already gained a lot of experience in the music business. By the way, Florian Silbereisen’s first album was released at the tender age of 16. Even as a little boy, it was obvious that music was in his blood. Above all, he loved his Styrian harmonica – a rather unusual instrument for a little boy.

    After the cameras and viewers also loved him, the singer entered the moderation business at the age of 22, which is an important part of his career. The former newcomer has become a popular entertainer who is taken seriously as a show master in Germany. Otherwise, Florian Silbereisen would not have lasted so long in this business. Even as a film actor, thanks to the ARD, he was able to appear in the meantime. In 2006 he was seen in the production “King of Hearts”. Also, in 2006 Florian was allowed to make his musical debut. He was seen in the musical “Elisabeth”, which is about the life of Sissi from Austria.

    Awards for Florian Silbereisen

    Florian received his first award at the age of only 11. At that time, he was honored with the Herbert Roth Prize for “Young Soloists.” In 2004 he was then considered “Shooting Star of the Year” and received the Brisant Brillant award. The magazine Superillu also became aware of Florian Silbereisen’s talent and honored him with the Golden Hen in 2004. After he was named a hit star in 2006, he was also included in “Signs of Fame Germany” in the same year. As the following list shows, a few awards have been added since then, and the ex-boyfriend of Germany’s favorite Helene Fischer was most recently even Awarded a Bambi as an actor.

    • Superkrone of Folk Music (2007)
    • smago! Award (2013 + 2016 + 2017 + 2019)
    • Bambi – Category: Television (2016)
    • Goldene Henne – Category: Entertainment (2017)

    A personable, talented guy who enriches the hit industry. We look forward to more appearances and shows by Florian Silbereisen.

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