For Recount, UK Stops Updating Daily Death Toll From COVId-19

The number of 45,000 killed by confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom is the highest in Europe

The Ministry of Health in the United Kingdom announced on Saturday the shutdown in the system of counting deaths resulting from Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, to analyze possible “statistical flaws” recently detected. The minister of the portfolio, Matt Hancock, determined the review after a group of researchers identified possible errors in the calculation and systematization of the numbers, registered after the performance of diagnostic tests.

Today, according to information released by the Ministry of Health, 827 more cases of infection with the new coronavirus were recorded, which brings the total since the beginning of the pandemic to 294,066. Despite contagion still, on the rise, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was optimistic and assured that the UK could return to normal even before Christmas this year.

On the other hand, John Edmund, one of the members of the technical group that advises the government, admitted that the outlook is quite different from that predicted by the prime minister.

“If by normal means we understand what we could do until February, go to work normally, travel on buses and trains, go on vacation without restrictions, stay with friends, hold hands, embrace, unfortunately, there is still a long way to go”, estimated.

According to Edmund, there is currently nothing to make people immune to the new coronavirus, which will only happen when there is a vaccine that is proven to be effective. “If we go back to these types of normal behaviors, the virus will come back very quickly,” he warned.


Johnson set the most recent relaxation schedule this week, saying that employers will be freer to set the rules for working at home, that the safety of large agglomerations will be assessed and that the rules of social distance can be overturned in time for New Year parties.

“It is my great and sincere hope that we will be able to improve the remaining restrictions and allow a more important return to normality not before November – maybe in time for Christmas,” he said.

He emphasized that the plan depends on success in keeping infection rates low, outlining additional funding for the health system and determining new powers for city governments to isolate outbreaks of the new coronavirus.

“This way we will be sure that we are active for wintertime and preparing for the worst. But even if we prepare for the worst, I fully believe that we should also wish for the most excellent”, he said.

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