Wednesday, January 20, 2021

What is Emotional Hunger?

How many times have you eaten without needing it and have you felt guilty afterwards? Find out more about this phenomenon known as emotional...

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    Former Biden Contender Sanders Celebrates Democrats ‘Apparent Victory’

    Bernie Sanders participated in democratic primaries to try to be a party competitor in the 2020 presidential election but supported Joe Biden against Trump.

    Former Joe Biden contestant during the primary election for the Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States, Bernie Sanders celebrated on Friday, 6, what he considered the ‘apparent victory’ of Biden and Harris in the elections. “Today, while we celebrate the apparent victory of the elections, we understand that our battle is not over,” he said in a video published on the networks.

    This election was about many things, but the most significant was whether or not we would end pathological lies within the White House and whether we would end the danger of losing our democracy. Thank God, it looks like we’re going to end this danger, ”he said, projecting the Democrat’s four years as president. “What Congress needs to do with President Biden is to move aggressively and quickly,” he said.

    Despite optimism about Biden’s possible victory, Sanders recalled the strong polarization in the country and said that much work must be done by the new president.

    All the ideas that we are fighting for are ideas that are supported by the majority of the American people,” he said. Asked by an ABC News report about how to deal with a divided Congress, he tried to bring a tone of unity to Biden’s campaign without neglecting points of “radicalism” noted during the primaries.

    For a long time, in my view, the Democratic Party was not as aggressive as it should be in dealing with the needs of our country’s working class. That’s why Trump got along so well with these people, ”he said.

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