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    Frequently Asked Questions About Post-Operation Compression Garments

    Anyone hoping to get the best results from their liposuction procedure must wear compression garments. You’ll need to wear compression garments for about six weeks after your procedure to help your tissues heal in the right way. This is always the case whether the procedure was done to reduce fat from your inner thighs, around your stomach, or your upper arms. Your surgeon will recommend that you get one of the excellent compression garments from the ContourMD website. He will also suggest the appropriate length of time you’ll need to wear the compression garment after your procedure.

    Below, we have some common Post-Operation questions and the right answers as regards compression garments:

    What’s the appropriate timeframe for wearing compression garments post-liposuction, body lift, or tummy tuck surgery?

    On average, most patients are advised to wear compression garments for about 4-6 weeks after large-scale body contouring procedures. Two weeks may suffice when the procedure is a minor one. The whole duration for compression garments may vary according to your physician’s technique and style. Sometimes it could all hinge on how much fat or skin you had taken out the elasticity of your skin, the amount of loose skin still left, and some other factors.

    You may want to let your surgeon know if you find compression garments uncomfortable. Your surgeon may be able to find a good adjustment or offer professional advice on how to feel more comfortable as you go through the process of recovery.

    Will I have to wear compression garments throughout the day?

    Most surgeons recommend that patients wear compression garments 24/7 in the first three weeks preceding the surgery. Patients only get to take the garments off for bath time. This general rule can vary based on the procedure a particular patient underwent and the extent of the procedure. You may only be required to wear the garments during the day in the second phase of the recovery which occurs within 3-6 weeks after the procedure. Some surgeons recommend round-the-clock usage in all the phases of recovery. Ultimately, your surgeon’s aftercare preferences and style will influence this area.

    Is there any difference between a compression garment and an abdominal binder?

    There is no straightforward answer to this question. You will hear some surgeons use the appellations above interchangeably although both are not the same things. Their semblance lies in the fact that they are both post-operation devices that apply mild pressure over the surgery area to enhance healing and reduce the swelling.

    Some patients wear a binder as the first act after a tummy tuck. Made from elastic material with velcro closure, a binder is a type of wrapping. aIt looks a lot like the Ace bandage found in the first aide Isle of a pharmacy. The tummy tuck binder is bigger than the Ace bandage and stronger, you should have a better picture of what we are talking about.

    A compression garment, on the other hand, can be a full article of clothing. These come equipped with zippers and hooks for closure. These are also known to be larger than compression binders. The larger surface area comes in handy in the cases of patients who have had to go through a procedure that encompasses more than one area like the thighs, hips, and stomach

    A patient may be advised to wear both compression materials at different points in their recovery process. This always differs depending on the specific procedure and the aftercare instructions from your surgeon. For some surgeons, it is either one or the other and rarely the two.

    Can I take my binder or Garments off before taking a bath?

    It’s necessary and safe to take off your compression garment before a bath. Most patients get to take their first shower 48 hours after liposuction, body lift, or tummy tuck. You should pay yourself down gently with a clean towel when you’re done. Put your compression garment back on when your skin is completely dry.

    What is the best garment to wear after your tummy tuck?

    To make your recovery slightly easier, you are advised to choose a high-end device that will minimize the discomfort that follows after surgery.

    Patients who undergo large-scale surgeries are advised to wear compression garments for up to six weeks. Large-scale surgeries include tummy tucks and body lifts. Minor surgery like a breast lift or augmentation, you will have to wear a surgical bra for about four weeks.

    Since this is something you will have to wear for a while, with great benefits attached, you wouldn’t want to go for a cheap item. Inferior products will make you a lot more uncomfortable than you need to be. You won’t have to stress yourself with research, everything is ready on the ContourMD website. Premium quality compression garments are available to help you through the recovery process.

    Quality is doubly important when it comes to compression garments. There are several variants  but you will recognize quality with the following features;

    Comes with antibacterial properties: consider a brand like Lipoelect, they produce garments containing silver nanoparticles which help to ensure that bacterial don’t grow on the skin. This reduces the spread of microbes, this helps to speed up the healing process and keep odor down.

    The materials are breathable; you will be comfortable if you choose breathable materials when getting your compression garments. Do not go for cheap, scratchy, or itchy fabrics, they are not healthy for skin undergoing healing. With breathable materials, sweating is reduced thus ensuring that your healing takes place in comfort.

    Durable; Compression garments are stretchy and durable. That’s what you need.


    absorption; the materials used in making compression clothing are designed to keep your skin dry. When your skin is dry, comfort is guaranteed but besides that, the spread of bacteria will be curtailed because bacteria thrive in heat and moisture.

    Seamless design and flat seams: with this design choice, you will be able to heal without getting unnecessary irritation.

    Excellent Closure: Compression garments come with Zippers or hooks and not the velcro you find on binders. Zippers and hooks Can be accessed easily for comfort. It also means you won’t have to stress yourself when it’s time to undress or dress.

    Your zippers should roll with ease. It will be very uncomfortable if you were to get stuck tugging on your zipper after surgery. The hooks too should be able to slip in with no strain at all. The days following your surgery will be the most sensitive. You wouldn’t have to do much, your caregiver would be available to help you with wearing or taking off the garment at first.

    Should I sleep in compression garments?

    In the first four weeks following your surgery, you will have to wear compression garments to bed. If you had undergone such large-scale procedures as body lifts or tummy tucks you may have to wear compression garments round the clock. You can begin to take them off to sleep from week five and up to week six.

    You should remember that there is no danger to keeping the garment on for longer periods. Some women have confessed to feeling more secure with compression garments on.

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