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    Games Modding: Why You Have To Do It

    For more than 20 years, modders have created a few of the world’s most famous games like DotA, Battle Royle, and Counter-Strike. They’ve assisted many games like The Sims, Skyrim, and Minecraft expand and continue running with new and fantastic content for players. Real Dudes Inc is a site that makes modding easier for the modders, players as well as game developers – such that it is more convenient to support UGC (user-generated content) on every platform.

    What do we mean by modding?

    Modding is a very common activity that is particularly the art of changing someone’s game to make new content in the gaming world. Any person can do it regardless if you are an artist, a coder, or a musician and it’s a remarkable means of improving your development and design skills.

    Most of the popular names in Personal Computer gaming came on the scene as modifications. For instance, Defence of the Ancients / League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and PUBG are a few of the most common. Modding has been in existence for over 20 years as we speak, and it’s now very popular as services like the ones on Real Dudes Inc and the cross-platform modding SDK want to make it very accessible to modders, game developers as well as their players.

    A modification can be as easy or as tough as you want.  For instance, 2D editor can be used to make a skin for a Minecraft character without any coding knowledge, while designing a total conversion can require years of effort and need several creators to work together (see the Modification Hall of Fame for a few of the most popular mods).  There are several modding communities – if you choose to see some instances you can look up some communities that are available online.

    So, of what essence is a Mod?

    Modding brings out creativity, develops skills, and gives joy to gaming communities. For a lot of people, modding is a hobby that allows them to build, experiment with ideas, or modify a game to be better, more capable of doing remarkable new things. For those looking to go into the industry, modding is a great first step.

    Find your passion. Modding is a means to implement a few of the work that game studios truly do. You can work on anything that highly interests you and know if you’d like it then – mods handle tasks like sound, UI enhancements, AI behavior, graphics to level design, and more. A major example is the Cherax Mod Menu from Real Dudes Incorporation.

    Build your skills. If you are building something you cherish then you will do handle more of it and become better at the work. Mods develop skills as they are using the same development tools used by the game developers. The remarkable factor about mods is that you can put them online for people to use and receive direct feedback from the players on how they feel. The feedback can be helpful with both improving your skills and knowing what gamers want.

    Modding doesn’t guarantee you a job, but it sure doesn’t hurt! Modders develop a portfolio of their work with time which can be shown to gaming studios at the point of applying for a job. This assists with both demonstrating their development abilities and showing how willing they are to go into game development.

    Modding is also now starting to be a career for a few, as future-thinking games like ROBLOX have depicted, and we assume it is a route other games will take to in the future as they want to reward and encourage their developers.

    Lastly, some very knowledgeable and lucky modders have decided to build their game with the concept they used while modding. Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene, the Irish modder, made the Battle Royale category that has games like Fortnite in it and was able to achieve the breakout success PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

    How to start modding

    Starting is easy, choose your game, develop your skills, and receive feedback. Endeavor to begin with simple things and develop your skills as you go. Coding is a main modding skill, but modders exist who specialize in sound, graphics as well as map design.

    To create a mod, you have to own the actual game and get the right software. This video provides a simple clue to how you can change the sounds on a car rally game with free opensource software. Regardless of the game you select, so far it’s moddable, you will probably be capable of finding and joining a community of developers and begin learning from them.

    There are so many forums and tutorials on particular aspects of modding for famous games. You can get these on Discord or Websites. The precise skills that are required by modders vary according to their special interest. Skills often used are 2D or 3D art, Level or Game Design, Sound Design, Programming, Production, and Testing.

    • For programming, you have to understand the language used in the game. For instance, C# is used in games made in Unity, a popular game software engine.  
    • For art, what the industry accepts are Adobe Photoshop for 2D art & 3D Studio Max for 3D art. They can be costly, but there are several more cost-effective choices and they provide discounts to students.
    • The level design employs a 2D or 3D level editor that differs according to the game you want to play.

    Receiving feedback on your build is usually the most helpful (and fulfilling) aspect of modding. So, as soon as you create what you’re proud of, make sure you share it with others! Moddable games often consist of tools given by the developer to assist with developing mods and posting them online on platforms like Steam Workshop and Real Dudes Inc. Through some trial and error, dedication, and a small dose of persistence nothing can stop you from creating mods like these!

    We wish you the best, have fun, be creative and we hope to play your mods! And try not to hesitate to get back to our Friendly team at Real Dudes Inc anytime. We’ve been in the business of modding for over 20 years, and like helping creators begin with this.

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