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    5 Hairstyles For The Wedding

    There are many things that you must organize and decide when you are going to say “yes, I want,” and that day you have to be beautiful. So, beyond the dress and shoes, makeup and hair must be perfect. Do you need wedding hairstyle ideas?

    In this article, we will tell you which are the best hairstyles that you can choose, according to your tastes, the length of your hair or the party style that they have chosen. Choose yours and dazzle your day!

    5 Hairstyles for the wedding

    1. Collected wedding hairstyles

    5 Hairstyles For The Wedding

    It is one of the classics since it is very elegant and at the same time, it is comfortable. Remember that there will be many hours between the ceremony and the party And you always have to look splendid! Therefore, the collected ones can be an excellent option.

    It doesn’t matter if it rains if you dance until your feet can’t take it anymore if they lift you in the air or dress up during the party You will always be combed. Even if a wick ‘gets loose,’ you will continue to be the most beautiful in the place since the slightly less formal style is also in fashion.

    2. Some suggestions

    • Among the collected, we can find singles or last minute, as if you had done it yourself a few minutes before going to Church (or to the party) … even if you have spent hours with the stylist or comber.
    • One of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles among those collected is those that include a  braid. Of course, for this, your hair must be at least shoulder-length.
    • Do not worry if you have short hair, as there are also some alternatives: you can use some flowers, a bow, or something to hold the hair.

    Undoubtedly the collected are ‘the’ hairstyle for brides par excellence. It can also be combined either with a flower or pearl crown, with a buckle given by a woman in your family, with ribbons or with fabrics.

    Among the collected, we cannot leave out the pigtails, perfect for those with long hair. You will have to use enough fixer or finish the hairstyle in curls to make it look better and avoid the much-hated frizz.

    3. Semi-collected wedding hairstyles

    They are ideal for those brides who have short hair or who wear half hair. Those who have very long hair may be somewhat uncomfortable, especially if the wedding is held during the day and outdoors in the middle of summer.

    The semi-gathered ones can be combined with a braid that acts as a headband or on one side, leaving the forehead uncovered. Of course, you can also add some flowers, pearls, or ribbons to this hairstyle, but taking into account that you do not overload. Your hair is already loose!

    4. Wedding hairstyles with headband

    It has always been said that the bride should look like a ‘princess’ on her wedding day. It is unnecessary to wear a dress in the best style of royalty to feel like this since, with the hairstyle, we can achieve a very elegant effect.

    The use of headbands is recommended, both day and night, and at formal and informal parties. That’s right, as they can be added in many different ways.

    • For example, if you have long hair, you can make a headband in the form of a braid and leave the rest of the hair loose with some waves.
    • Another option is to buy a pearl or flower headband: the first for an evening wedding and the second for a more rustic celebration.
    • The size or placement of the tiara will depend on your tastes. And you can let your hair down or wear it up according to your choice and of course your comfort.
    • Wedding hairstyles with braids

    We have already talked about them, but they are worth naming again. Braids are one of the most widely used techniques in wedding hairstyles. They look good, prevent hair from ‘coming out’ everywhere, and match almost all wedding dresses.

    It does not have to be too elaborate a hairstyle: remember that you must be beautiful that day while still being you. If you have worn a braid on your side all your life, why not wear it for your wedding?

    A tip for braided hairstyles: iron your hair beforehand (unless you have it straight). It will look much better, and it will also stay styled for longer, no matter how much you dance.

    There are thousands of wedding hairstyles that include braids, and you can combine them with some accessories, without recharging your hair (remember that sometimes less is more). Flowers, pearls, or diamonds can be great allies.

    5. Wedding hairstyles on very short hair

    For some time you have chosen to wear more than short hair because it is much more comfortable and you hardly have to comb your hair. But on your wedding day you want it to look beautiful and in keeping with the moment.

    In that case, we recommend that you use an accessory that stands out, such as a tiara with pearls or some shiny detail. Another option is a crown with natural flowers or a white satin ribbon.

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