Hamsta is Making a Name for Himself in The Music Industry

“It’s hard for me to find out who my favourite is, I mean, come on! They’re all so darn cute and funny,” Jacqueline says. She wanted to spotlight Cotton Kelly as she moved her a little bit.

“Da girly, beautiful, sweet and sweet lovin’ Hamsta stuff. She’s my avatar-ish Hamsta, I’m fortunate to have her on my business card, and I’m proud to have the very first ever iPhone cover with Cotton Kelly. Yes, I’d have to agree, Cotton just because I’m in love with her sweet tooth, pink and oh so lovely face! I can’t wait for her to come alive like a felpa or a doll! I think I’m going to pick all of Da Cotton Kelly! ”

There you have it, Cotton Kelly, to search our social media for more on Cotton Kelly. Stay tuned, since the first items are about to be introduced.


You’re having a rough morning, there’s a long day ahead, and nothing in the world can make you happier than the snack you’ve snacked on just that kind of occasion. Imagine your shock and horror when the delicious treatment of *poof* isn’t where you left it.

This is Mila Sunrise’s storey, a Hangar Hamsta who learns that her beautiful smoothie was stolen from under her nose. Sing along with the sassy soloist as she chases the thief in her Hamsta ball. But watch out – Mila’s on a real rampage, so this might have been a smashing success in more ways than one.

Working with Hamsta World to build this song along the way is Esmée Schreurs, winner of The Voice Kids 2016 (Holland), part of the Dutch children’s pop band Stay Tuned, and now the official voice of Mila Sunrise.


Happy Ink is aiming to draw on the momentum of its Hamsta World brand over the summer months. The company intends to extend existing contracts, as well as to recruit new licensees and agents throughout the season. The brand is present in more than 34 countries and has secured agents in more than seven territories – including Allsorts Licensing for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

A new Musical advertisement has garnered over 1.4 million views and countless interactions. In the meantime, licensee Bluesky Design has goods going to Primark stores across Europe, and Empire Clothing Trading has lined up at Jay Jays stores across Australia since the end of the summer.

Hamsta World first plunged its toes into the licencing world a little over 18 months ago, with founder Saskia Keiser saying, “It’s been a rollercoaster ride, full of incredible meetings, product development and first items in shops, all in a little over a year.


Hamsta World of Happy Ink has added a global alliance with Hofman’s brand of healthy snacks. Since April, the collaboration has placed 100% fresh, tasty and enjoyable Hamsta branded treats for the whole family on the shelves of Dutch supermarket giant Jumbo and health specialist Vitamin store. Hamsta branded Hofman’s balanced snacks prove that responsible food can be tasty and fun for children.

‘The company was built on our mission to find a safe option for our daughter. And that she would have picked from the shelf herself. We found it difficult for children to select healthier food. Confectionery goods fly off the shelves, and safe products are packed for adults. Not to mention the price gap,” says co-founder Eduard Hofman. ‘We believe that the magic appeal of Hamsta World is the right match for the whole family.’

Executive Creative Director/Owner Saskia Keiser: ‘We’re extremely happy to get our Hamstas on Hofman’s balanced snacks. Hamstas are avid foodies, so this partnership is a heavenly match. By putting a whole lotta Hamsta on the packaging of a whole lotta fruit, we’ve developed a series of nutritious and responsible snacks that will increase family fun, wellness and vitamin levels all at once.

Former art director and author of Hamsta, Keiser, designed all the packaging themselves. With more than life portraits of her pussy Hamstas, these treats will certainly attract the eye of hungry little shoppers.

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