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    Here’s why Smart Doorbell Cameras Are a Must

    Technology is becoming a more, and a larger part of our everyday life. We’re on our phones, we check the time, and even monitor our steps using our smartwatches. We have Alexa and Siri to manage our operations at home and anything is almost only a touch away. Considering how the earth, and with it, our approach to living has evolved with technology, it’s only fair that we choose the best security options for our homes too, right?

    One of the latest improvements in home security is the innovation of smart doorbell devices. They continue to grow in popularity for the added benefits that they provide, and the ease of use as well as monitoring your premises.

    Let’s have a look at how they are changing the way we approach home security and why we must consider installing one immediately for our homes too.

    Why You Should Get a Smart Video Doorbell

    Here are some reasons why you should get a smart video doorbell as part of home safety measures.

    1. It Offers More Security

    Smart doorbell devices not only record the footage for you to rewind and view during your day but store that video footage in Cloud storage. The video footage cannot be deleted even if the doorbell camera is destroyed or stops working for whatever reason. Their technology mitigates any risk of tampering with the device in an attempt to stop or destroy recording – meaning you will have the footage available for access anytime and from anywhere, even if the device itself is out of order. We can access the footage straight from Cloud storage.

    Other than accessing the video footage anytime, smart video doorbells boast a camera with a wide-angle view. That means you can see for yourself whoever is standing outside, from head to toe, with more images from both sides as well.

    2. It Travels With You

    Doorbell cameras can accompany you anywhere in your house. When we think of doorbell cameras, we imagine a screen that shows whose outside our house, if we are in front of the screen. With a smart doorbell camera, we don’t have to be in front of a particular monitor but instead, we can answer the door and view the video footage from our smartphones, tablets, and compatible smartwatches and laptops as well. This also enables communication with the person on the other side so we can let them know whether to wait, or leave the delivery with the next-door neighbor if we are not home ourselves, or even guide our friends and family to the hidden key set so that they can enter our home.

    3. You Can Livestream Security

    Doorbell cameras are useful devices that strengthen our sense of security by showing who’s visiting us and for what purpose. Smart doorbell cameras are a step further from the respective technology and come with the option to be synched with our other smart devices if they are compatible. These options make smart doorbell cameras portable, mobile, and accessible.

    You can live stream what’s happening and keep an eye out for your home’s security. You can get real-time alerts whenever the camera detects any movement even if the doorbell hasn’t been rung. 

    4. It is Convenient

    Smart doorbell cameras are convenient, quick, and come with the technology to be synced with our smartphones and other compatible smart devices. Doorbell cameras don’t only make a sound the bell, but also show you who’s outside your home. That means smart video doorbells don’t just chime out loud but come with a visual, and also with real-time notifications sent to our phones, tablets and laptops. It allows you to basically answer your door while you’re away, if not present at home – so you can never miss out on any of your Amazon deliveries again!

    Final Thoughts

    Smart video doorbell devices have become a must and an almost indispensable tool when it comes to affordable home security. It offers many benefits and makes the traditional doorbell cameras look like a thing from the past. Smart video doorbells also come with a unique combination of audio-visual facilities; it’s almost like having a security guard placed outside your house.

    Whether you are home, or away from home, they will be your eyes and ears and actively keep you informed of any suspicious activities outside your house with their built-in motion detectors and set parameters. They also offer easy installation like a DIY project for you to make use of your handyman skills, remote control access, and can even raise an alert about alarms from fire, breach of security.

    So what are you waiting for? Head on over to First Energy Home’s website and invest in your home with a new device that will take up your home security by a notch.

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