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    Released Anime High School Demons Season 5

    The release date for High School Demons Season 5 (DxD) awaits a lot of fans of both mysticism and anime. And the fact that events occur with high school students only adds to the project’s popularity. The story of the warring races of angels, demons, and fallen angels has given rise to a series of robes, manga, anime, and several spin-offs in different genres, turning into a real franchise.


    Once in hell, war broke out. Its original inhabitant’s demons fought with aliens – fallen angels. Paradise troops joined the confrontation, and the battle became tripartite. Few survived such a massacre. Even God and Satan were destroyed. The underworld had to urgently hold new elections for the leader and the Kings of Hell, who fell in battle. Now a forced truce reigns, but the races still do not like each other, trying to harm enemies quietly.

    Issei Hedo is a schoolboy, narrow-minded, and extremely preoccupied. Nevertheless, he is unlucky with girls. One of the reasons for this is the rudeness of the hero, his clumsiness. But one day, luck smiles at a guy. He is invited to a date by Yuma Amano. The girl looks in love with him, and the guy happily agrees.

    But his dreams will not come true. Yuma turns out to be a fallen angel; she kills a guy because of the “holy mechanism” built into him.

    Before dying, the hero calls upon Rias Granary. The demoness appears and decides to revive the hero. Now he is the girl’s servant, her pawn. But, with desire and skill, he can excel by becoming one of the demonic nobility. Then Issei will receive power, power, and what he dreams of most: his harem. For this, the hero only needs to possess exceptional demonic abilities. That’s just the guy they are practically zero.

    The guy becomes the demon team of Rias Gramory – the first school beauty, a high-ranking demon, the next candidate for the throne of Satan. Now, in strict accordance with his dreams, Issei is surrounded by beautiful girls who dream of reciprocity. But the dumb guy doesn’t notice it, still suffering from his concern. Will he be able to grow wiser, gain strength, and gain nobility in hell, we will find out, having waited for the release date of the episodes of High School Demons season 5.

    High School Demons Season 5


    • Issei Hedo is a dumb high school student. It suffers from a lack of female attention, but not far enough to not notice the girls’ apparent interest.
    • Yuma Amano (Raynar) – a schoolgirl, a fallen angel. It depicts an interest in Issei to kill him.
    • Rias Gramory – a demoness, at the same time – the first school beauty. By origin is the next contender for the title of Satan and the throne of hell. He leads his team, in which he is king.
    • Asia Argento – was once a nun. Upon learning that God is dead, she survived the crisis of faith. Now a member of the Rias demon team.
    • Vali Lucifer – a descendant of Lucifer, the king of his team, is one of the protagonist’s enemies. It also has a built-in holy mechanism.

    We will find out what awaits the heroes next, having waited when the Demons of high school five seasons come out.

    Interesting Facts

    1.   The original robe was released for ten years, from 2008 to 2018, giving rise to anime, manga, and a series of games.

    2.   According to unconfirmed reports, fans are waiting for several more seasons of the current project.

    3.   The estimated release date for High School Demons 5 season 1 series should be the fall of 2020.

    High school demons season 5, the release date for all series

    Fans will not have to wonder about the release date of the next 5 season 1 episode. She is already known:

    TitleNumber of episodesrelease date
    High School Demons Season 512October 22, 2020

    Attention!  Changes or updates are possible in the release date of the next 5 season series. In order not to miss them, we recommend adding our site to your bookmarks.

    High School Demons Season 5

    Trailer High School Demons Season 5

    Alas, there is no trailer yet. When the anime “Demons of High School” season 5 comes out the official trailer, we will add it. In the meantime, we suggest recalling what happened in season 4.

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