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    Hong Kong Has Worst Covid-19 Outbreak Since March

    Hong Kong-registered at least 29 new cases of Covid-19 this Saturday, amid the third wave of infections, which health officials described as “the most dangerous” since March. Today’s 29 infections add up to 30 yesterday, increasing the severity of the outbreak detected over the past week.

    Health officials said 17 of the 29 infections were transmitted locally and that there are 33 other suspected cases awaiting confirmation. “We have many cases without a precise source of infections, and they are not related to any positive results from abroad. I think the situation is more serious now than in March when we registered many cases imported from abroad,” said Dr. Chuang Shuk-kwan, from the city’s Center for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases.

    In the past few days, the number of new positive cases in the semi-autonomous city – which had not registered new infections in weeks – was 30 on Friday, 42 on Thursday, 24 on Wednesday and 14 on Tuesday. In light of this, the Hong Kong government decided last Thursday to resume certain restrictions, such as the capacity limitation in bars and restaurants, which started on Saturday.

    Hong Kong Chief of Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung announced yesterday that, starting next Monday, classes in daycare centers and primary and secondary schools will be suspended. According to the local broadcaster “RTHK,” the new cases are related to nursing homes, schools and restaurants, and infections have also been detected among some taxi drivers in the city.

    Data from Hong Kong officials indicate that since the beginning of the pandemic, Hong Kong has recorded 1,432 infections, with seven victims.

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