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    Surrogacy is a process backed by a legal contract where a woman (a surrogate) carries the child of the intended parents. The intended parents will become the real parents of the child as soon as the baby is born. Furthermore, we talked about why there is a different surrogacy process in both countries. It is due to the charges and different laws, the USA surrogacy agencies charge higher amounts while the Ukraine surrogacy clinics charge affordable prices.

    Affordable surrogacy – Surrogacy in Ukraine

    We know that surrogacy aka leihmutterschaft in Ukraine has been declared legal. Also, Ukraine is a cheap country of Europe, medicine is good and so many surrogacy clinics are there with the best agencies in completing your documentation. Ukraine is getting increased popularity when it comes to surrogacy. People from around the world look for surrogate mothers in Ukraine and surrogacy in Ukraine costs about $30,000 which is cheaper as compared to other countries in the world.

    In Ukraine, the meaning of surrogacy is gestational when a surrogate mother can never be biologically linked with the baby. As she only carries the baby. Only intended parents are the real parents – practically and by law. Meaning, the embryo is only supposed to be created from the eggs of the intended mother and the sperm should be donated by the intended father.

    • Good surrogate care is taken

    When it comes to surrogacy, a surrogate mother plays a crucial role throughout the pregnancy. Proper counseling and training is given to the surrogate mother along with the proper medical care.

    • Good living condition

    In Ukraine, a surrogate mother is supposed to live in a clean and fresh environment as it may definitely affect the baby. A surrogate mother in Ukraine is given proper medication and diet in order to make the process go smoothly.

    Surrogacy in the USA

    Surrogacy is legal in the USA as such, but the laws differ from one state to another. USA surrogacy clinics charge $80,000 to $120,000. The cost of surrogacy is higher than in Ukraine. The United States has many areas where surrogacy clinics are present. The clinics make sure that the entire process goes out smoothly with no complications during all leihmutterschaft usa aka USA surrogacy process. The reason why people tend to go for the USA surrogacy clinics is because of the completely developed legal process.

    • Screening process

    A screening process takes place in the USA surrogacy agencies. It is made sure that the rights of both parties are fulfilled and no party has to face any consequences.

    • Expert surrogacy professionals

    The surrogacy process in many countries is not safe as the agencies are not aware of the current changes in the field of surrogacy. On the contrary, surrogacy in the USA is extremely safe because of the availability of professionals who believe in adapting to changes that take place in the surroundings such as COVID, which has entirely changed everything around the world. 

    What of surrogacy is common in Ukraine and USA?

    Best way to get best surrogacy service for affordable cost: surrogate mother from Ukraine (Ukraine leihmutter), medical staff from good Ukraine clinic and baby birth in USA (geburt einer Leihmutter in den USA). 

    How does surrogacy in both countries differ?

    The main difference why surrogacy differs in both countries is the law and the cost of the surrogacy process. The cost of surrogacy is extremely high in the USA as compared to Ukraine where prices are normal and affordable. Whereas, the law of surrogacy in both countries differ. The process and documentation differ to some extent.


    In this article, we discussed surrogacy in detail. Surrogacy in this article is defined as a process where a surrogate mother carries the baby of the intended parents and not in any case genetically attached to the baby. Moreover, we discussed the process of surrogacy in Ukraine and the USA. The process of surrogacy in both countries differ to some extent. The laws also differ in both countries. 

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