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    How to Do Hand Embroidery On Denim

    You’re likely to ascertain embroidery on the runway, in clothing departments, at big-box stores, and everywhere in between. Yes, you’ll buy those pieces of clothing, but you will have more options and take more pride within the clothes you stitch yourself.

    Choosing a Denim Item to Embroider

    Purchase a fresh pair of jeans, pull out the denim jacket you haven’t worn during a while, or stop by a second-hand shop to seek out a special piece to stitch on. Then reach your embroidery stash floss to urge started.

    Not only is that this an honest thanks to creating your own version of a well-liked style, but it is also an excellent thanks to fixing up some clothes that require a touch of repair by embroidering over a stain, covering areas that are looking extra worn or stitching over a patched hole.

    You might add something bold to form a press release on your own clothes or embroider fun characters for your kids. Whatever you select, it’s good to first know the fundamentals of embroidering on denim.

    Transferring a Pattern to Denim

    One of the primary challenges for stitching on denim fabric is getting the pattern onto the fabric. The material is too thick for tracing and sometimes it’s too dark to ascertain the markings.

    Several methods work well during this situation. One method uses white or yellow carbon paper. This does work, but often the lines smudge or are difficult to ascertain. Another is the paper method, which can work but is often tricky because the paper can tear as you’re employed.

    The other method is to use a water-soluble stabilizer, which soaks away once you’re done stitching. 

    With a water-soluble stabilizer, you’ll print the pattern onto the fabric and cling it onto the denim. If you would like to embroider over areas where there’s a seam, pay attention to how the pattern lays over the seam. This will help you to avoid creating a niche within the stitching where the material has different layers.

    The simple pattern within the sample stitching may be a collection of triangles that matches on the back pocket of jeans.

    Choosing a Needle and Thread

    Denim may be a strong and thick fabric, so you ought to select a robust and thicker needle size. Chenille needles in sizes of 18 to 22 are good because they’re both sharp and powerful. The precise size to employ should be an honest fit for the thread you’re using.

    Most embroidery threads work well on denim, but it is best to select threads that are both durable and washable. If you discover that the thread is looking more worn than usual, use shorter lengths of thread and coat them with thread conditioner.

    Stitching on Denim

    Depending on the dimensions of the embroidery you’re doing, and also because of the placement of it, you might not be completely ready to use a tambour. The good part is that denim is stable enough that you simply can work without a hoop.

    When you are holding the denim and stitching without a hoop, take care about how you grip the material in order to avoid hand cramps and repetitive strain injury. Take breaks to feel relaxed.

    Embroidering on jeans, whether on the leg of the pants or pocket, often requires performing at different angles and together with your hand at an open edge. Due to this, it’s good to embroider with the stitching method, dipping the needle through the material, while keeping it on the front of the work.

    If you’re stitching near the front pockets of jeans, make sure that you don’t stitch through the particular pockets. Pull them out in order that they are out of your way while you’re working and make sure they stay that way.

    As you’re working, if you get to a neighbourhood that’s difficult to tug through the needle, try doing with a different size needle or work with a needle puller.

    Because most embroidered denim items are going to be worn and laundered, take care to not make stitches that are large and can snag easily.

    Stitch Ideas for Embroidering Denim Items

    Bold and delightful florals are a well-liked design on jeans and denim jackets. You’ll 

    work with pre-made floral embroidery patterns, using them even as they’re or clipping and grouping them to make your own design. Flowers are often as simple as a scattering of lazy daisies or something more complex.

    Geometric designs, like the satin-stitched triangles, are modern and sometimes easier to figure in less time. 

    For something with a simpler touch and more subtle, stitch borders around front pockets of jeans or along the rock bottom hem of a jacket.

    Placement Ideas

    After you select a design to embroider, choose the simplest placement for your stitching. Not all patterns are ideal for each location on clothing fabric.

    Symmetrical embroidery on the front jeans is additionally popular, especially slightly below the front pockets. For this, mirror the planning on all sides of the jeans.


    On denim jackets and shirts, the location possibilities are nearly endless. You can add an outsized design to the rear or tiny stitching to the collar or button placket.

    Once you’ve started embellishing, you would possibly just end up eager to add some stitches to all or any of your clothes. If you have any questions related to hand embroidery and custom digitizing in general, feel free to reach out to us at MigDigitizing. We will be happy to assist you. 

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