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    How to Increases Your Sales to Growth Your Business Exponentially

    Business growth allows you to accomplish many things. From hiring new staff and expanding your product or service offering, to being able to move into a larger location or open additional locations, there isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished with strong growth.

    What is the best way to grow a business? Sales. Selling more of your product or service generates the Revenue needed to grow, expand, which can accomplish all of your goals as a business owner. There are many different ways to accomplish this, from testing new marketing and advertising strategies to scaling existing proven winning strategies.

    So, what are some great ways to drive more sales? Here are a few suggestions.

    Tap into your existing customer base: Getting new customers is the hard part, so why not tap into those customers you already have? Offer them discounts or special offers to buy from you again. Many times all you have to do is ask and they will buy, especially if the offer is enticing enough.

    Be more active on social media: A lot of businesses ignore social media thinking that it won’t work for them. These are the businesses that miss out because almost everyone is on social media these days. Find the social networks that your customers participate in and start posting more. There is a good chance you will attract new customers this way.

    Put more emphasis on your search engine optimization: Everyone begins a search on Google these days. If your business isn’t found on Google you are dead in the water. There are many ways to get a piece of the Google pie, from optimizing your local listing to show up in the map section to blogging on a regular basis to get your content ranking for specific keywords that are searched for.

    Study your email marketing data: Email is still very effective because people open it and read it on the go. Most people check their email on their phones these days and our phones are in-hand almost all waking hours of the day. Test different audience segments and use creative subject lines to improve your open rates.

    Try text Marketing: Just like with email, text messages are an easy way to get an “open” since everyone uses them as the main communication tool these days. There is a 95% chance your customer will open a text you send them. From that point, it’s up to your message and the offer to convert that open into a sale and revenue.

    As you can see, there are multiple ways to drive more interest, and thus sales, for your business. You want to always be trying new strategies and approaches. This is how you find successful ways to drive new business.

    While these are all helpful tips, we wanted to provide you with a little more information and insight. The infographic below features ten experts who shared their best business growth tips. Take some time to see what they suggest and find ways to leverage their suggestions and strategies for your own growth.

    Infographic by Hustler Alliance.

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