How to Save On Your Monthly Internet Bill!

Gone are the days your monthly internet bill didn’t empty your pockets. Internet isn’t as economical as it used to be. It’s not just a one-time installation fee anymore. The monthly bill includes seasonal hikes, installation fees, package fees, and sometimes late fees, data cap fees, and early termination fees. If you’re not careful from the beginning, you might overspend and exceed your budget every month. 

However, to cut down costs on home internet, you must be willing to give it your all. You’ll have to shop around, haggle with your internet service provider and evaluate your monthly internet bill carefully. Not only that, this guide is going to be your helping hand in saving money by offering you foolproof tricks and tips! Read ahead to learn how you can save money on your monthly internet bill!

  • Read Your Bill Carefully

This is the very first step of saving up. Know what you’re looking for. Try to find the gaps or signs in your internet bill before searching for new plans or deals. Read your bill carefully to know what services you’re paying for. Highlight things you don’t understand or are confused about, so you can discuss it with your internet service provider later. Keep an authentic and reliable reference of an internet bill near you so you know how much an estimated bill should look like under normal circumstances.

  • Shop Around For Other Options

Do the research and see what competitors in the market are offering. Most cities have more than one internet service provider in their local area. Chances are you do as well. So you have the flexibility to shop around for something better. You can even come up with a better deal on your own and use that to bargain for a lower price. Before you go to any other provider, make sure to do proper research on new deals, promos, and competitive prices.  

  • Lower your internet speed

As said previously, you should know what you’re paying for. If your Wi-Fi is used for pretty basic tasks like web browsing, emailing, or streaming Netflix once in a while, there’s no reason you need an ultra-fast internet speed. Cut down on monthly internet costs by lowering your speed and adjusting it to your requirements. High internet speed with no specific use will drive out money from your pocket faster than you imagine. 

If you live alone or in a small household with a minimum number of people, you can get along just fine with low internet speeds. 

  • Invest In Your Own Equipment

Instead of renting out a router or modem from your internet service provider and using it daily, just buy it. While investing in personal equipment isn’t cheap upfront, and it offers more flexibility with options. It’s only a one-time installation fee, Rental costs, in the long run, will cross the actual retail price of the modem or router itself one day. Buying your own equipment is the best decision you can make in the long run. 

Also, before investing in a router, make sure your ISP approves of the device. If the one you buy doesn’t work with the ISP, it won’t be of much use to you either. 

  • Search For Promos And Deals

Almost every internet service provider offers their subscribers certain deals and packages, letting them use many other services too. These ‘bonuses’ allow people to hop on and sign up for packages and deals quite easily. Whether you’re a new customer or an existing customer, you can still avail new deals and plans by asking your ISP.  Windstream internet plans allow you to boost your internet speed at extremely reasonable prices! Their plans offer high internet speed for all your devices within your budget.  

The best thing about their plans is, you don’t get any overage charges because there is no data cap! And overage charges from the data cap make a huge difference in your monthly internet bill. Searching for promos and plans isn’t difficult if the customer service of major ISPs is nice. 

  • Try Bundled Internet Services

Most internet service providers don’t offer just an internet service—they do phone service or cable TV and sometimes both. They attract potential customers with a discounted deal on multiple services, and if you ask them about it, they might also offer you a super-economical bundled package.

Whether you’re looking for a cable TV service or need a new phone plan, you can always ask your internet provider for any bundles they’re offering. And if they’re in a generous mood, you can also save up on phone and cable service through their bonus plans; But only pay for the service if you’re using it. Avoid spending money on things of no use to you. 

  • Contact Customer Service

Bargaining your way through anything can often help you find the best packages and prices. The same goes for your internet experience. Call your ISP’s customer service and ask them about any existing deals or promos they can offer you. Most of the time, other than detailing existing promos and bundling options, customer service goes an extra mile to provide a lower price than their competitors or reduces your monthly fee. 

But before you call them, make sure you have what you need, like the plans and prices of competitors, along with your recent monthly internet bill. Be upfront about your needs but politely. 

  • Split your internet bill

Internet providers often offer a trial-and-test promotional price for 12 months to attract potential customers to sign up. When the real price is about to kick in as the deadline approaches, you can cancel your subscription and ask your friends or family to set up a new account at the same address. This way, you can save up by sticking to the promotional price for another year. It’s easy to pull off this trick if the contract on a monthly plan does not bound you. You need to be careful with this as some ISP’s don’t allow this as it’s considered a violation of their terms and conditions. 

The Bottom Line

Save up on your monthly bill this month with these tips and tricks! Shave off unnecessary extra costs by buying your own equipment, lowering internet speed, contacting customer service, splitting the bill, and opting for bundled services!

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