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    Ideas for You to Free Space in Your Small Kitchen

    When it comes to your kitchen, you will find jars, containers, appliances, and many other things there. It seems that your kitchen has no more space left when it comes to storage. In modern times, you will find that the home’s size is getting either smaller or larger depending upon the tastes of the homeowner. If you have a large house, it is obvious that the kitchen space can be bigger. You need to plan the layout well and go ahead with the construction. However, if you have a small kitchen, it is obvious that you should know how to free up space in it so that it does not look cluttered when you are inside it to cook your meals.

    The following are some ideas that will help you to transform your small kitchen into a functional and aesthetically appealing space for dining and eating-

    • Install the Slatwall system – This is an amazing way via which you can create a lot of space in your kitchen or garage. Here, this system comes in panels with horizontal grooves located in between. These grooves help you to hang what you need. You can invest in a stalwall shelf, bracket, or hook. You will find them easily available in the market. They are made of PVC and are sturdy. You can go ahead and install the kitchen device of your choice on the shelf where the slatwall has been attached to.
    • Install a pull-out pantry – This system is an amazing way for you to stock essentials like spices and oils to keep them in reach. You can make a system under your cabinet or sink space. This idea is great for a very small kitchen as it helps you keep everything organized and neat. You can plan this system even during renovation. Just take everything out and place them in heavy duty tarps for protection. Once their work is complete and your system is in place, you can bring them back in and keep them in the pantry.
    • Use hanging hooks for your utensils and mugs – When it comes to mugs and wine glasses, you can hang them in the kitchen with a wide variety of hooks. Such systems are ideal for a contemporary kitchen. You will also find several modular kitchens that have an under the cabinet space for the above purpose. There are sturdy and durable hooks available in the market that you can use for your kitchen.

    Last but not least, when you are trying to free up space in your kitchen, invest in good quality baskets and bins. They help you to keep things neat and organized. You can use baskets for organizing fruits and vegetables on black kitchen countertops. For fridge storage space, you can make use of the wooden baskets to keep their contents organized. Other wooden baskets can be kept on the top of cabinets to store utensils in an organized way.

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