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    INSS Creates Alternative To Obtain Documents During Pandemic In SP

    The National Institute of Social Security (INSS) in São Paulo created an alternative for policyholders to meet the requirements after requesting benefits.

    This is the Exigência Express pilot project, which allows policyholders to send additional documentation to ensure benefits or services from the agency.

    Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the INSS branches are closed throughout the country. Through the pilot project, beneficiaries will be able to deliver a copy of the documentation in a system similar to the drive-thru.

    This format is an option for policyholders who have difficulty attaching their documents through Meu INSS, on the website, or in the mobile application. The government expects to expand the measure to the rest of the country.

    Even with the measure, the beneficiaries of São Paulo can continue to attach the documentation directly through Meu INSS. These requirements are issued when the person requests a benefit or service from the INSS. Still, during the analysis, the need to present additional documentation to complete the process is verified.


    To find out which documents must be presented, the interested party should consult the phone number 135, Meu INSS, on the website or in the mobile application or contact the shifts whose phones and e-mail addresses are on the doors of the branches.

    If you choose Express Demand, just put a copy of this documentation in an envelope and leave it in the ballot boxes that are available at the INSS units in the State of São Paulo. The copies must be legible and without erasures.

    Within the envelope, in addition to the copy of the documentation requested in the requirement, there must be a copy of an identity document with photo (ID or driver’s license) of the insured. There must also be a declaration of his hand signed by the insured person responsible for the authenticity and integrity of the information provided.

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    The envelope can be delivered to any of the INSS branches in São Paulo, from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 1 pm. There is no need for prior scheduling for delivery.

    There is no physical contact during delivery, and the insured will not receive any protocol number. The copy of this documentation will not be returned. The institute stresses that it will not accept original documents.

    Outside the envelope, the following data must be included:

    – Full name of the insured;

    – CPF of the insured;

    – Full address with zip code;

    – Telephone number of the insured with the DDD, or telephone message with the name of who will receive it;

    – E-mail address, if any;

    – The date the envelope is being left at the agency

    After the delivery of the documentation, the insured can follow the progress of the process through the mobile application or My INSS website and by phone 135.

    Sickness benefit

    The Express Requirement does not apply to requests for the advance of sickness benefit. In this case, the documents can only be attached by Meu INSS, on the website, or in the mobile application.

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