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    Isabell Slim: An Emerging Rapper From Winnsboro, Louisiana

    Isabell slim is an emerging rapper, a hip-hopper, and a song artist who has recently gained popularity, mainly through social media. He is a self-taught recording artist who used to face many struggles in his career. He lost his family members, his friends, and his loved ones in his journey.

    All the fuss about his Name

    Isabell Slim’s real name is Jeremy Shemar Henderson. However, he uses the name “Isabell Slim” on his YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. When he was asked about the background of his name by the Respect magazine, he said that he used to live in a street named “Isabell”. Although the name seems girlish, he chose it due to the name of the street where he used to live in Winnsboro, Louisiana.

    How did he start?

    He had a homeboy who used to rap all day. That homeboy asked him to rap too, and when Isabell Slim finally started rapping in late 2016, he started to like it. He gained recognition from his fellows and found that his rap was very engaging. He gives the credit to the homeboy that the whole flow in rapping was blessed to him by the homeboy.

    From there he decided to opt for it as a profession and do more for it. He then started making songs professionally and uploaded them on apps like Spotify, iTunes, and sound cloud.


    Being an artist from a rather small town, which most people don’t even know to exist in the first place, it was very difficult to establish himself as a rapper. He faced many obstacles and he feels that is a huge problem of lack of support. As per one of his interviews:

    “Getting any type of footing in this industry is almost impossible. No one wants to help each other. I was scammed, I was lied to, I was beaten down, I wanted to quit because I was so fed up. But I knew I had to make my way. I’m just blessed I was able to find a way.”

    Thus it was an arduous ride for him to be launched in the industry.

    His Influencers

    In an interview, he says that Soulja Boy and Drake are his role models. He wants to be successful like them and produce quality music like their standard.

    “Is that Him”

    His song “Is that Him” has been liked by many and has graced him with more fame. The visual in the song is very brief but on point and is liked by the teenagers. The song has more than 30 thousand streams on Spotify. In just a few days, the aforementioned song, Premiered Apr 29, 2020, managed to gain more than 7000 views and now has about 17000 views on YouTube. The like percentage is about 99.5 percent and it seems that it is a huge success for him as an emerging rapper.

    New Songs

    Isabell has already recorded many songs and he will premiere them after making their videos. He wants to keep everything unique and wants to keep something new in his upcoming songs. He focuses on the music more than his words, and he believes that most of the teenagers just want something nice. He tries not to sound the same in his new song and this is one attribute that contributes to the variety in his songs. Thus, as long as the music is good and the beat goes hard, it doesn’t matter much that what he is saying.

    It is presumed that in the future he is going to gain a lot of success considering the exponential growth in his fame. His will and resolve to produce quality content is second to none. Hence, it can be predicted that he will shortly be taking his flight to more fame.

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