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    Jair Bolsonaro, President Of Brazil, Tests Positive For Coronavirus: “I Feel Well

    “It started on Sunday with a brief indisposition,” the president himself told reporters at his official residence

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, 65, and one of the world’s most skeptical about the severity of the coronavirus reported that he tested positive for Covid-19 and began to be treated with chloroquine.

    “It started on Sunday with a brief indisposition ,” the president himself told reporters at his official residence, who said he feels “perfectly fine.”

    For the past few months, Bolsonaro has defied the virus, which he described as “influenza,” almost daily, circulating the streets in quarantine, attending public events without the required mask, hugging, and kissing supporters without any care. And with a constant disdain for the disease.

    “I confess that I thought I had contracted it a few months ago,” but “I did not expect this to have happened to me,” said Bolsonaro, who has canceled his schedule for the next few days in quarantine at his home. However, he clarified that he does not know “to be stopped, “so it will continue dispatching through videoconferences.

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    This last weekend, he visited the state of Santa Catarina. When he returned to Brasilia, he visited the ambassador of the United States, Todd Chapman, to celebrate the Independence Day of that country together with the Brazilian chancellor, Ernesto Araújo, and other people.

    All of them posed embraced for photos, without masks, and were shown around a table without any protection, which has led the diplomat also to undergo a coronavirus test, sources at the US embassy confirmed to Efe.

    Unlike Bolsonaro, Chapman has shown no symptoms of any disease but will be screened preventively.

    Likewise, all the ministers who have been with the president in recent days and his family have been worried about the health of a grandmother of Bolsonaro’s wife, 80 years old, and hospitalized with Covid-19.

    Spokespersons for the Presidency have confirmed that Bolsonaro has taken two doses of chloroquine since Monday, an antimalarial drug that, in his opinion, is completely effective for the treatment of the coronavirus, even though science has not proven it and encourages very serious doubts.

    On Tuesday, the leader of the Brazilian extreme right approached a group of supporters at the door of his official residence and revealed that he had symptoms of the flu, but that he had decided to undergo a test to rule out that it was a coronavirus.

    “I came from the hospital now, I had an X-ray of the lung and it is clean. I am going to do a Covid-19 exam shortly, but everything is fine,” said Bolsonaro, who had felt muscle aches and reached 38 degrees. Fever.

    As he explained this Tuesday, when announcing the positive of the exam, he insisted that, although it is necessary to “worry about the virus,” it is also necessary to “take care of the economy” and resume productive activities as soon as possible, because ” unemployment kills too.”

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