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    Kanye West Is Running For President Of The United States

    First, it was Ronald Reagan. Then Donald Trump… Now Kanye West? The controversial rapper announced on social networks his nomination as a candidate for President of the United States.

    The fact itself is not so novel because Kim Kardashian’s also husband has not hidden his intentions to enter politics. However, this time he has the support of a character who, with his only name, could spark the interest of many voters.

    Elon Musk, the billionaire businessman and Tesla owner, responded to Kanye West tweet with “You have my full support.” This message is reinforced by an image of both characters that circulated in past days and that at the time seemed to have no greater relevance.

    From the image, it can be inferred that Kanye could have agreed with Elon Musk on possible financing of his candidacy.

    Thus, in the hypothetical case that Kayne West consolidated her candidacy and won the presidency, Kim Kardashian would be the First Lady of the United States

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