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We always talk about the lifestyle as something casual; sometimes, when you name it, you feel that you are referring to a magazine section or to certain luxuries, trips, and activities that give a status. It is what the media has implemented in society. However, that is not necessarily what it means.

We find it important and interesting to analyze it with you, so you will redefine your concept of Lifestyle.

What is it?

There is a definition as such; We will give you the information and go into a bit of detail.

Lifestyle is a sociological concept that defines the orientation of the interests, opinions, behaviors, and conducts of an individual, group, or culture.

Clever. That’s pretty clear and concise, don’t you think? It is simply an idea that encompasses what you think, what you do, and the environment in which you develop as a person and also within a group, such as, for example, your family circle and friends or within a city or country with different cultures.

Interesting, right? You could define a lifestyle almost for each person, as it is something intimately linked with ways of thinking and beliefs.

Now you can see that there can be many different lifestyles.

To give a few examples, imagine a lifestyle within the most densely inhabited area of ​​your favorite city; and now a lifestyle of an Italian countryside. They are very different. The lifestyle of a member of the Massai Mara people in Africa is very different from that of an Eskimo in Alaska, both in customs, behaviors, food, work, transportation; as in the way they dress, their accessories, and celebrations or ceremonies, also in their religious beliefs.

We then see that a person’s lifestyle focuses solely on the way they lead their life. It is properly a choice.

Discover it and define it

Now that you know what it means, we’ll help you discover your lifestyle, fine-tune details, and make small adjustments to make it YOURSELF. Of course, it is worth that discovering it does not give you the satisfaction you are looking for and that will be the impetus to reinvent it and choose a perfect lifestyle for you.

We will start with some questions that we will later transform.

How do you live your life in terms of habits, customs, tastes, productivity, free time, etc.?

Once you have made a shortlist of what characterizes you the most, move on to the next question.

In what environments do you develop every day?

And finally.

What people do you share your life with?

With this, you have defined your current lifestyle. Does it look like what you like best?

The best for you

Now the same questions do come, but transformed, that will make your mind shake a little or a lot, it depends on each person.

How would you live your IDEAL life in terms of habits, customs, tastes, productivity, free time, etc.?

What are the IDEAL environments in which you would develop every day?

Who are the IDEAL people you would share your life with?

Without getting too philosophical about it, just compare your answers to the first few questions with the transformed answers. How many things match? Are you close to your ideal lifestyle? Are you in a place opposite to where you would like to be?

What you have just discovered with this are those points where you can begin to generate changes in your lifestyle that will finally lead you to a fuller and happier life. And in this way, we have given you the secret to finding your ideal lifestyle and what best suits you.

TIP: always remember that the changes we make in our life are always born from a desire to improve something, and each change is a process that requires time and patience. If you persevere and repeat it frequently, it will soon become part of your common habits. One thing at a time helps us avoid frustrations.

Design your lifestyle

According to sociology, there are more than 100 lifestyles classified by,

General, occupation/profession, consumption, social/political, business, military, sexual, spiritual/religious preferences, musical, recreational.

We can well fall into one or multiple lifestyle classifications in each of these aspects, however, you do not need to pigeonhole yourself in any, but to base yourself on your authenticity. Following this or that lifestyle is not a bad thing, you can simply take what you like or make you happy and that other people have already tried.

For example, if you like a healthy lifestyle, even if it is a trite topic, you can imitate those habits that you know will be beneficial for you, it is not all or nothing.

Choose what goes with you in every aspect of your life. Observe yourself, introspect and ask yourself what things, foods, sports, colors, clothing, music, travel destinations, adventures, social life, shows, books, movies, works of art, artists, beliefs, practices, techniques, themes of study, means of transport, people, animals, plants, flowers, etc. are your favorites? As if you wanted to get to know a person you just met in-depth, you might know what you have always liked, but, people change so much!

Once you have all those answers do a little search according to a lifestyle, for example, I love to have live flowers at home and put my bare feet on the ground, also use long hair and handmade decorations. You are giving me an idea of ​​what my lifestyle is right? The same will happen when you read about yours. You can even google “bohemian lifestyle” and read a lot about it, maybe you identify more with some things than others, but, like a puzzle, you can build your style.

Trendy Lifestyles

Now we will tell you a little about the most famous and trending lifestyles, the healthiest, what makes people happy the most, the most in respect to appearance, etc.


This is a lifestyle that is based on the Buddhist principle of mindfulness, in which all internal and external experience that causes any activity in life is carefully observed. Eating, walking anywhere, exercising, in short, that everything you do stops being “automatic” and that you place yourself in the here and now to fully enjoy it. Mindfulness is a lifestyle that more and more people practice to lead a happier life.



Here we include many behaviors, habits, and even appearances. This lifestyle is a whole because leading a healthy life requires many changes and many choices as to how to transform habits. A healthy diet, exercise daily, stop harmful habits, take care of the appearance of the body, skin, hair; dental health; no excesses, practice relaxation techniques, and always have a positive attitude. With this, you can keep diseases and “bad vibes” in general away.


The name says it all, but it is about minimizing the belongings in general, from the amount of clothing, accessories, objects of all kinds, toys, furniture, decoration, colors, beauty and care products, cars, even what you keep in your pantry. The goal is to become aware that you do not need to have much in life to lead it calm and happy. We know that everything can be taken to balance or to the extreme. Although the objective is very positive, obviously there is someone who takes it to the extreme, to the point of keeping three belongings in his life. However, it is not necessarily the best, rather it requires learning to let go of everything that does not make us completely happy.

Conscious consumption

This trend could not be left behind; we are at the moment of realizing the footprint that we leave in our wake. This lifestyle proposes living reducing the impact caused by excessive consumption and preferring to live generating less waste or waste, using glass instead of plastic, buying vintage instead of new, and everything that can be done with this objective. It also includes that companies and companies modify their production lines based on this same awareness.

Plant-based life

It’s not just about eating more vegetables, but also about using plant-based skincare products, fashion items (like textiles and footwear), packaging, containers, and more. This is linked to the fact of raising awareness about the excessive consumption of products of animal origin. It is a fact that having a diet rich in plants has its benefits and will stop degenerative agents in our body, so it is not a bad idea to apply it to other areas of life.