Marcelo defends that Europe must quickly industrialize

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the President of the Republic, defended this Monday that Europe must reindustrialize quickly, considering that it has already lost a lot of time and is in danger of losing a leading role in the industry.

“The resurgence, the industrial renaissance of Europe is fundamental,” said the head of state, in a speech broadcast at the closing session of a summit of the Cotec business organization dedicated to this topic.

According to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Europe has shown itself unable to produce masks, to produce sanitary material in time, under conditions of competition with the rest of the world, at least, with part of the rest of the world. World”.

“And he had to go running, I will not say begging, but negotiating in a problematic position, running over, and soon after realizing that it was necessary to have this type of automated response within the European continent’s framework. In other words, Europe realized that it is on the verge of losing what you cannot fail, which is the industry, a leading role in the industry “, he considered.

Questioning whether there is still time to carry out this reindustrialization, the President of the Republic immediately answered: “We are still on time, but we are wasting time and, from a certain moment on, it is hopelessly wasted time. But we must act”.

“It is our role to be positive catalysts for this change, because it is a chance to convince Europe that it has to reindustrialize, and it is now, it is not later. And it is not a question of the situation, and it is not a question of mere survival, it is a question of structural issue, in the medium and long term “, he reinforced.

“The sooner we start, the more chances we will have of success,” added Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, appealing: “We start, and we start again.”

According to the head of state, this is a “so urgent” matter also because of the current geopolitical situation, which he described as “a time when transatlantic relations are in many cases complex and different from what they were in the past,” when ” Russia converts from a global power to a regional power, although very proactive, “and in which” China’s long-term strategy itself has suffered the effects of the management of the pandemic. “

In his view, the COVID-19 pandemic proved that “international cooperation and multilateralism are inevitable” and showed “global and regional powers that are weaker than they seemed, with political systems that are much weaker than they seemed.”

“That was another lesson from this pandemic so far: even the most influential countries, which considered themselves immune, were not immune, even the most influential leaders, even the most durable systems showed the apparent difficulty in managing realities that called for improvisation, which they appealed to innovation, which attracted to means and times and in ways different from those to which we were all accustomed, “he said.

At the European level, the President of the Republic insisted on the importance of “a united Europe, which anticipates events, does not go in tow,” and “does not postpone decisions” in response to the pandemic and the economic and social crisis it has caused.

“Who understands what is changing in the world and what is changing in the leadership and who at the same time manages to maintain financial balance, namely budget balance, in terms of medium to long term, but do not forget the priority of recovery economic and social development, economic growth, investment in employment and, therefore, productivity and competitiveness, “he continued, concluding:” This requires betting, putting your head in and acting quickly. “

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