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    What Is Mastopexy?

    Mastopexy is a technique that is becoming more widespread, like many other aesthetic touch-ups. It is a surgery that allows you to raise the chest, making it look firmer.

    The bust is a part of the body that tends to cause complexes and discontent, especially in women. This is because it has always been believed that it is one of the greatest physical attractions of the female sex. Also, there is a tendency to idealize a specific type of breasts.

    In this way, many people resort to surgeries to get more satisfied with this trait. Therefore, in this article, we explain everything you need to know about this procedure.

    What is mastopexy?

    As we have just pointed out, mastopexy is breast surgeryIts objective is to raise the sagging chestplacing it in a position that gives youth and firmness. It is a widely used technique because said fall appears physiologically over the years.

    The breast is a tissue that is constantly subjected to the force of gravity, which is why it tends to sag over time—the elastic fibers of the skin age, causing the skin to become increasingly supple and flaccid.

    Pregnancy and lactation also influence the breast to be more and more sagging. However, it is important to note that not all women who undergo a mastopexy do so due to age. The breasts can also be naturally since each person has a different and unique anatomical conformation.

    Mastopexy is done in different ways. It can consist of elevating the breasts working only with the skin itself. In some cases, if the breast volume is small, it is combined with the placement of a prosthesis that increases this volume.

    Some women even undergo a mastopexy associated with a reduction mammoplasty. What is sought is to reduce the size of the breast while raising it and making it smoother.

    Who can have a mastopexy?

    To undergo a mastopexy, it is important to rule out possible risks or underlying diseases as for any other surgery. The ideal is for that person to be aware that many aesthetic touches do not solve a complex, but that the important thing is to strengthen self-esteem.

    However, if a woman decides to have a mastopexy, she must make sure that she is not pregnant. Also, it is contraindicated in smokers since tobacco worsens the healing capacity. To specify the technique, the woman should give up the cigarette habit 4 weeks before, at least.

    In many cases, it is done to correct the effects of significant weight loss. For this reason, it is also recommended that it is a person with a stable body mass index and within healthy limits.

    What is the operation about?

    Mastopexy is a surgery that requires general anesthesia. However, most patients do not require admission. However, if there are any risks or there have been complications, hospital admission of 24 to 48 hours may be possible.

    As we pointed out in the previous section, there are different ways to do it. In general, the operation lasts between two and three hours. Before sedating the patient, the first thing is to draw marks on the torso that guide the incisions to be made.

    The incisions allow the skin to be removed, and the nipple relocated to feel higher. These are tried in places that are not very visible, such as the areola contour itself.

    According to a study published in Ibero-Latin American Plastic Surgery, it is important to place the implant first in the case of mastopexy with implant placement. Afterwards, the necessary adjustments are made to the skin to avoid excessive final tension.

    Preoperative and postoperative care

    Before performing a mastopexy, it is necessary to check the patient’s health status. That is why blood tests and an examination by the anesthesiologist are usually performed. This is how the risks that may appear with anesthesia are estimated.

    It is recommended to go to the operation on an empty stomach (without having eaten at least in the previous 8 hours). Also, any anticoagulant medication should be discontinued. As it is an outpatient surgery, the ideal is to wear comfortable and easy-to-put clothes to leave the hospital with it.

    Once the surgery has been performed, it is essential to follow all of the surgeon’s guidelines. Most likely, pain reliever medications will be prescribed to ease possible pain. Similarly, the bra used should be the one recommended by the doctor.

    According to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgerythe stitches are removed between 7 and 14 days, and the edema does not completely subside until 3 or 6 weeks. In addition to taking care of scars and stitches, you must avoid chest exercises or movements that can damage the tissue. Going for a run or riding a bicycle is often discouraged.

    Benefits and risks of mastopexy

    The benefits of mastopexy are aesthetic and, above all, at the level of self-esteem. When breast sagging is corrected, many women report feeling more confident and comfortable with their appearance.

    However, it is a surgical intervention that is not without risks. Like any other surgery, there may be bleeding, infection, problems with healing, or bruising. Even the sensitivity can be affected.

    The most common risk factor is tobacco. The fact of smoking is related to worse healing, as explained in an article on Continuing Medical Education. Therefore, in women who are going to have a mastopexy, it is contraindicated to do so.

    Mastopexy is still a surgery

    Mastopexy is a surgery that can improve your appearance if it is indicated and done correctly by a professional. However, it is essential to choose well the surgeon who will perform the intervention.

    Also, it must be your own decision that is not suggested by any other person’s opinion. The most important thing when it comes to any aesthetic intervention is to keep in mind that you have to accept yourself as much as possible.

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