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    Meet Visual Director Indigo Suave

    Indigo Suave is a rising visual arts director and filmmaker. In 2018, his career truly began after founding his production company ASUAVEPRODUCTION. Before then he was a simple novice and student of film and visual arts. Before attending Princeton in 2017, Suave had always been interested in the filmmaking world—studying and watching movies as well as music videos. He began taking a slew of filmmaking classes his first year at Princeton. This led him to his internship at LET Networks his freshman summer where he contributed heavily on the content creation team.

    “It was amazing experience, I was able to learn and grow with others, but more importantly work on something that is bigger than myself. It was an invaluable and unforgettable experience.”

    Throughout this summer, he also started working heavily on making content for himself and upcoming DMV artists Lulu and Sleaze.Inc.

    “In my eyes working with these two amazing artists is what really brought my work to life. Anytime I work with them it’s very special because you don’t have to try. The work flows out of you. This is where I first began really making visual for music.”

    After this summer is where Indigo founded his production company ASUAVEPRODUCTION.  Since then Suave has been creating music videos and short films. Graduating in 2022 from Princeton, Suave has a plethora of visual projects coming out this year that will be including many elements of such as 3D and CGI.

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