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    Mero: Rapper’s Net worth & career

    Date of birth28 Jul 2000 (age 20)
    Born inRuesselsheim, Germany
    Full nameEnes Meral
    size1.90 m

    How rich is Mero?

    The German rapper Mero (civil: Enes Meral) with Turkish roots was born on July 28, 2000, in Russelsheim (Hesse). Mero became known through rap videos on Instagram, but he also developed his own style through this. His tracks have oriental influences and double-time parts. Today the rapper has long been established in the scene and has since built a good fortune. The estimated net worth of Mero is 2.5 million euros.

    Career start of Mero

    After Xatar became aware of the young artist, Mero signed a record deal with him in May 2018. At the end of November 2018, the music video for the track Baller Los was published, which quickly generated over a million clicks on YouTube. He landed at number 1 in the nationwide YouTube charts.

    When Hobby Hobby released the music video in January 2019, the great success continued. The track reached over 1.7 million streams in just one day on Spotify alone. With over three million clicks in just one day, it also set a new record on YouTube. No other rapper had comparable click figures during this period. Mero probably owes his success to the fact that some superstars shared his video. Among other things, the footballer Mesut Ozil supported him with a posting.

    He was soon able to break his own record with the title Cloud 10, with which he reached around 4.5 million views after 24 hours. His first album Ya Hero Ya Mero was released on March 15, 2019, and went straight to number 1 in Germany.

    A millionaire through streaming?

    The sale of physical units is hardly worth mentioning, especially with German rap. Some artists even do without CDs, but the fan boxes (also called deluxe boxes) remain an exception.

    The streaming numbers have been converted into sales units for some time. The Bild newspaper reports that Mero was able to sell around 23,000 units of his debut album. This would mean revenue of 161,000 euros if Mero earned a flat rate of 7 euros per unit. This package is not uncommon for rappers.

    The best way to estimate rappers’ income is through Spotify because numbers are still given here, while other services such as Apple Music or Amazon Music do not display numbers. The exact earnings are unclear, but the earnings can be estimated with Spotify. The service states that around 4,000 to 6,000 euros per million streams are paid out. We take this information as the basis for the earnings from the five most popular songs by Mero on Spotify.

    • No plan (48 million streams): 192,000 to 288,000 euros
    • Cloud 10 (78 million streams): 312,000 to 468,000 euros
    • Kafa Leyla (17 million streams): 68,000 to 102,000 euros
    • Olabilir (59 million streams): 236,000 to 354,000 euros
    • Baller Los (94 million streams): 376,000 to 564,000 euros

    Also, around two million listeners listen to his music every month, which results in a “fixed income” of at least 8,000 euros per month. Taxes, labels, and production costs still have to be settled from these sums.

    Income from YouTube

    Mero’s YouTube earnings are also strong. With his song Baller Los, he was able to build up a large number of subscribers. Today his channel has over 2.6 million subscribers, and the clicks continue to be impressive. None of his 15 videos have under a million clicks. His most successful video is Olabilir, with 160 million clicks. With the YouTube ads, Mero also earns cash with every click.

    SocialBlade measures the clicks from YouTube channels and the money made from the advertisements. Mero generates a gross monthly income through YouTube of up to 50,000 euros.

    Up to 35,000 euros per appearance

    The brand value of Mero has increased enormously due to its number 1 hits. This is reflected in his fee because it was initially around 10,000 euros per appearance. He probably also confirmed this number on the song, Kafa Leyla, because here he raps: “My pocket full of ten mille.”

    Since then, his fee has more than tripled as the hype surrounding him continued to grow. According to Mero, he now earns 35,000 euros per performance. In his October 2019 tour alone, Mero played 14 appearances, which earned him around 490,000 euros gross. But there are also club appearances. It can be assumed that he has already made a million euros through live performances alone.

    Leading role in Hazar (boxer series)

    Mero is now actively looking for a sideline job, which he apparently found as an actor. He is supposed to take on the leading role in the new boxer series Hazar. His manager and mentor, Xatar, has already been confirmed as the series producer.

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