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    What Is Micellar Water And What Is It For?

    Much is named for micellar water in skincare, but little is known about its benefits and uses. We tell you more about it and explain what exactly it is for.

    Micellar water has become quite important in skincare routines in recent times. Its use as a cleanser of the facial skin surface has increased, as well as the sales of products that contain it.

    The success of this cosmetic is found in the efficient cleaning it generates, added to the softness and smoothness it leaves on the skin. Here are more details about micellar water.

    What is micellar water?

    Micellar water, also called a micellar solution, is one of the most popular facial care and cleansing products. It is considered a term pharmaceutical since it consists of a formulation that can be purchased in pharmacies and is intended for the skin.

    Its formula includes mild surfactants that generate micelles. This is a designation for a chemical form that is based on the binding of molecules through their water-repellent ends.

    Micelles have the function of contributing to the contact between the surface of the skin and dirt. Then, through the conjunction with water, water-soluble and fat-soluble impurities are removed.

    In addition to surfactants, these types of products contain a variety of added components, such as moisturizers, astringents or emollients. These substances provide them with other properties and position them as a complete cosmetic.

    What is micellar water used for?

    Micellar water is not only gentle, but also very effective at removing dirt, makeup, and oil. In turn, it helps cleanse the pores while toning the skin.

    It is a product that does not contain alcohol and, according to publications in JAAD magazine, it helps to promote skin hydration while reducing irritation and inflammation. In this way, the skin remains soft, flexible and smooth.

    These types of cosmetics are usually marketed in relation to the type of skin in which they are going to be used. There are micellar waters for the different skin variants, which can be classified as normal or endermic, dry or alipic, oily, aged, mixed or dehydrated.

    The essential step is to recognize the type of skin that one has to choose the right micellar water. Given the confusion, it is not wrong to carry out a dermatological consultation to characterize the dermal composition.

    How to use it in the daily routine?

    Proper hygiene and skin care are based on the application of a daily routine in which different products are used. Ideally, do a cleaning routine at least twice a day.

    This would be the first thing in the morning to clean the skin of the cells that were shed during night peeling and the oil generated during sleep. At the end of the day is another good time to implement this type of care to remove makeup and remove the dirt that has accumulated in the day.

    Micellar water usually replaces all the previous products of a skincare routineIn other words, it is a substance capable of supplying cleansers, toners and moisturizers. In this way, personal care time is reduced to a single step.

    There is currently considerable controversy as to whether micellar water should be cleaned after use. It is advisable to rinse the face, since cleansing agents can generate irritation when in contact with the skin, according to studies by Dermatologic Therapy.

    5 benefits of using it daily

    Micellar water is not only useful for cleansing the face. It also has important benefits by contributing to the protection of the skin. Some of the advantages of its use are the following:

    1. Hydration: the vast majority of micellar waters contain glycerin, which helps the skin stay hydrated and does not lose its water component. According to studies by the Archives of Dermatological Research, glycerol has high hygroscopic power.
    2. Elimination of dirt and grease:  this property is generated due to the presence of micelles that have the power to attract dirt particles.
    3. Effective for any skin type: it has very low aggressive potential, which differentiates it from other types of cleansing soaps and lotions. Also, there are variants for every skin need.
    4. Skin cleansing:  causes pore cleansing and, being a mild agent, does not generate irritation to stimulate the presence of acne. A study in The Journal of Dermatology concludes that the combined use of a facial cleanser and moisturizers is safe and effective.
    5. Makeup remover: this product is very portable and easy to use, which makes it effective to use as a makeup remover at any time, without the need to require running water.

    The importance of micellar water in the routine

    Micellar water is one of the complete products, taking into account its composition and the properties it provides. It provides advantages that make it valuable for those who use it, with few adverse effects and the benefit of reducing routines to fewer steps.

    It is one of the key ingredients in facial hygiene due to the wide range of options when choosing. The possibility of being suitable for different and even opposite skins makes it an attraction.

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