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    The YouTuber MontanaBlack’s Net Worth

    How much money does MontanaBlack earn?

    Montanablack – there isn’t an American rapper behind this name. Rather, it is a gamer and YouTuber from the far north of Germany who, in addition to the video platform, earns his money primarily as a Twitch streamer. There you can watch him play video games like FIFA, Fortnite, Call of Duty, or Mario Kart. The man, whose real name is Marcel Eris, appears on the web several times a week. Since 2018 he has even been considered the most important live streamer on Twitch, Germany. MontanaBlack’s estimated net worth is $ 1 million.

    Income from the YouTube channels MontanaBlack and SpontanaBlack

    The fact that Marcel Eris has already built up a small fortune is no accident. His YouTube channel, MontanaBlack, has been around since 2009. The online star has more than 2 million subscribers there, while its second channel, SpontanaBlack, has more than 1.8 million followers. The videos on his main channel have been viewed more than 230 million times. The enthusiastic audience even played the SpontanaBlack videos around 310 million times.

    While MontanaBlack generates around 64,000 euros per month in income with its YouTube channels, one shouldn’t ignore the earnings as a streamer on Twitch. He can also earn a monthly turnover of around 65,000 euros there and thus further increase his income.

    Cars from MontanaBlack

    The YouTuber & Twitch Streamer filmed himself buying his new car. He decided on a Lamborghini Huracán Performante in the color neon green. The value of this car is currently around 230,000 euros. He stated that he leased the sports car and made a down payment of 90,000 euros for it. In his collection, there is still a Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe worth around 180,000 euros and a Maserati Levante, which he gave to his grandmother, at least for the 3 leasing years.

    In total, hundreds of videos of the gamer under contract with the TubeOne network have already appeared. The online star has not only earned its money online for a long time. His biography, which came on the market in March 2019, should also keep the ruble rolling. The fact that the book bears the subtitle “From Junkie to YouTuber” should ensure that many parents are anything but enthusiastic when their kids take this man as an example. The book has already been sold more than 100,000 times, and it should earn 7 euros per issue.

    Marcel Eris and his steep career

    Montana black knows how to make money from its notoriety. He now also offers to merchandise articles with his name on his domain. This is mainly about casual streetwear that corresponds to the image of the YouTuber. Black, in combination with an army camouflage pattern, sets the tone for these styles. In addition to the shop, the website also houses exclusive content to keep its fans happy. To his viewers’ amusement and loyalty, Marcel is also not too bad to offer a glimpse into his early life in front of YouTube and Twitch, where his earnings were on a different level.

    Montanablack also had lows

    Following his school education, today’s star completed an apprenticeship as a retail salesman. Before he made big money online, things weren’t going so well for the single man. He was addicted to drugs for years but has now successfully left his addiction behind. However, his numerous tattoos fit the image that many people associate with such a past.

    Montanablack is now using its YouTube presence to warn of drug use risks, suggesting that it is well aware of its role as a role model. His fans thank him by showing up in droves to MontanaBlack’s fan meeting. More than 1,000 of his supporters are said to have come together at a Gütersloh and Hamburg meeting. Nevertheless, this man continues to polarize. It was not until December 2018 that the gamer was banned from Twitch for 30 days due to his racist remarks. Marcel Eris, however, dismissed racist intentions.

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