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    The 10 Most Expensive Cities In The World To Live (and to Visit)

    Mercer has published its ranking of the most expensive cities in the world, where living is almost prohibitive. We found it very interesting because if they are expensive cities to live, they are not less to visit. It is also surprising to discover what the places are most expensive on the planet. Did you think London and Paris would be featured prominently on this list? London is 23rd in the list, and Paris does not appear until 47th, behind Milan, Miami, Moscow, Dubai, Chicago, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, or San Francisco between the 10th and 47th. And the Spanish cities? You have to move to number 82 to find Madrid and 91 to get to Barcelona. They are the only Spanish cities among the 100 most expensive in the world.

    But what are the 10 most valuable cities in the world? Surely you are not surprised that New York is among them, even if it is occupying the ninth place in the ranking, it is also not surprising that Hong Kong tops the list. Still, it will surely be unexpected if you do not meet Dubai (it is not even among the 20 most expensive cities in the world, is number 21) and find you a city of Turmekistan.

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    Below you have the list of the ten cities in the world in which living is more expensive and to which, if you go as a tourist, you should make sure to keep your wallet fully packed because the data that has been taken into account to make this ranking is not They have limited the price of housing and everything related to it (electricity, water, ADSL …) or clothing. The price of leisure offers (restaurants, concerts, theaters…) has also been included. , transportation, food, medical care, and even the price of alcohol and tobacco, all products and services that you will also use as a tourist.

    1. Hong Kong

    Coffee in Hong Kong can cost you about $ 8 (just over 7 euros).

    Tokyo | Pixabay

    2. Tokyo in Japan

    Be careful with your purchases in Tokyo, some jeans (and we are not especially talking about luxury brands) can cost you about $ 120 (just over 108 euros).

    Singapore | Pixabay

    3. Singapore

    Be prepared to pay almost the same for a coffee as for a Big Mac (the first will cost you about $ 5, about 4.5 euros, and the second just over 6, almost 5.5 euros)

    Seoul | Pixabay

    4. Seoul in South Korea

    Neither coffee, fast food, jeans or a ticket to the cinema are the most expensive in the world in Singapore but, as a whole, living in this city is expensive so be careful if you visit as a tourist.

    Zurich | Pixabay

    5. Zurich in Switzerland

    In this Swiss city, eating at a fast-food type McDonald’s or Burger King can cost you more than double that in Spain, a menu is around 14 dollars (just over 12 and a half euros).

    Shanghai | Pixabay

    6. Shanghai in China

    It is the fourth most expensive city in the world to have a coffee, only in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Zurich it will cost you more than here; A coffee in Shanghai costs almost 6 dollars, about 5.40 euros.

    Ashgabat | Pixabay

    7. Ashgabat, in Turmenistan

    This city is an oasis in the Karakum desert, very close to the Turmekistan border with Iran, and its location makes it a very expensive place to live.

    Beijing | Pixabay

    8. Beijing in China

    Can you imagine a city where it costs you more coffee than a Big Mac? That is Beijing. A coffee will cost you about $ 7 (just over 6 euros) and a Big Mac 6 (about 5 and a half euros).

    New York | Pixabay

    9. New York, in the United States

    Beware of movie tickets in New York will cost you more than 15 dollars (13 and a half euros) and, even so, it is cheaper than going to the cinema in London, in the British capital it will cost you more than 20 (18 euros).

    Shenzhen | Pixabay

    10. Shenzhen in China

    Shenzhen has become, in recent years, a highly important logistics enclave in China. It is also known as the Chinese Silicon Valley, which allows us to get an idea of ​​the high standard of living in the city.

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